Passione Ricamo SAL

I’m Fitting Stitching in When I Can…

Hi! I can’t believe that the holidays are upon us!  I know that Christmas will be here before I know it, and I am behind in everything.  But I am not stressing.  I will do what I can, when I can and what gets done is good and what doesn’t, doesn’t.  That is my frame of mind right now.  I probably won’t get very much holiday stitching done again this year, but that just means I try harder for next year, right?  As long as I get stitching in 🙂  So, what have I been working on?  The Passione Ricamo SAL #3.

PR SAL 3 progressI really, really love stitching on this piece, but it may be time for a break.  I recently had to rip out the words “Fairies Dwell Here..” and the tree to the right of it and the box on the bottom right.  When I switched pages between the “r” in Fairies, I dropped down a line and and added an extra stitch.  So when I stitched all the way across and started connecting the tree top to the upper tree, things were off a stitch up and to the right 😦  I couldn’t find my mistake and had to ask dear hubby to help.  He found both of my mistakes.  So the ripping out began.  But it is all just about put back in and it’s looking wonderful.  On Friday I received steps 3-6 of Passione Ricamo’s SAL #4.  Here is how that one is looking after step 2, minus the beading.  I will save that until last.

PR SAL 4 progress

This one is going to be a mermaid!!  So excited for this one and I am hoping to keep up with the steps on this one.  A also finished stitching my first Christmas ornament of this year and have purchased everything I need to finish it into an ornament.  Usually I just make pillows, but this year I am going to try my hand at a real finish.  I will post when I get it done.  I also added a few new things to my stash thanks to shopping Small Business Saturday this last weekend.  I will post those next time also.  So, what you are you stitching for the holidays this year?

4 thoughts on “I’m Fitting Stitching in When I Can…

  1. I love them both! I hate that you had to do all of that frogging on your first one. But once you get that all corrected you will be off to the races! I’m anxiously waiting for the mermaid to appear on the secod one. (love the snow on your blog BTW!)


    1. Thanks, Johanna. I finished putting it all back in last night. Now I can move onto the other one. It will be a while before a mermaid starts to appear, but I am sure she will be fabulous! The snow on my page is the best kind of snow 😉 I didn’t even have to do anything this year. It just appeared. Nice surprise 🙂


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