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I Am Making Stitchy Progress, and Adding More!

I can’t believe it is already half way through January 2015!  But so far I am doing well with my stitchy goals to work on finishing projects and keeping up with another.  I just finished section 7 of the Passione Ricamo SAL #4.

SAL #4 section 7 completed

I am really itching to see the mermaid appear on this one.  The next section is due out on January 26, so I have some time to stitch on another project I have been working on:

Autumn Snowman updateAutumn Snowman!  As you can see, I am getting really close to a finish here.  I will pick him up tonight and work on him until he is finished.  Hopefully soon.

Last weekend I visited my favorite Needlework Shop, Stitches N Things.  I belong to the stitchy club there and get to have a 25% off shopping spree once during my birthday month.  And since January is my birthday month, I just had to go shop.  And boy did I shop.  Here is what I actually brought home:

Birthday shopping spreeLots of awesome goodies: Nora Corbett’s Fairie Winter Dream ,even though I have it in magazine version.   The magazine pattern is a color pattern, which I am not fond of.  I also picked up 2 more of the little witches, Ana and Mari. And the main reason for visiting the shop and using my birthday discount was for Mirabilia’s Christmas In London and the bead pack.  This is a gorgeous, gorgeous pattern and I can’t wait to stitch it.  I ordered a piece of 16ct White Aida to stitch her on.  The latest edition of Stoney Creek magazine called to me because of a particular pattern that caught my eye while flipping through it.

Snow Friends afghan project

The Snow Friends Collectors’ Series Afghan.  I am a sucker for snowmen and I have been thinking about doing an afghan.  I love working on an afghan during the winter months.  Keeps me warm while I stitch away. So after I checked out at the LNS, and after ordering a bunch more stitchy stuffs (with birthday discout 🙂 ) I headed over to Michael’s to pick up the floss.  And to my surprise, found the required afghan there also.  It was about 1/2 of the cost of what the magazine wanted and I had a $5 off coupon so that made it even better. It looks like a nice, warm afghan, too.   I thought that the first 2 blocks started with this issue, but when looking at the back of the magazine, I saw it actually started with the Summer issue, so I called my LNS and had them order it for me and it will be added to the bag that will be filled with goodies when all of the things they are ordering for me come in.  It will be like Christmas again!  I’m sure I will be starting this afghan soon, but not until I get a finish 😉

So that is my stitchy updates for now.  I will be back soon with a Snowy finish, I’m sure.  What new project are you itching to start on?

21 thoughts on “I Am Making Stitchy Progress, and Adding More!

    1. It is a sickness, Helen. I am trying not to start anything new (at least until I finish something), but it doesn’t stop me from buying all the fun stuff!


    1. I am still working on the last 2 SAL as well as the current one. I had not heard of SABLE, but I think Helen is on to something, LOL. I am guilty of being a stash hoarder, but I am working trying to dwindle it down, Ha!


  1. Oh Ginny, you are so BAD! But I absolutely love looking at all of the things you buy. And look at you — getting close to a finish on the snowman and keeping up with the SAL. I bow to you!!


    1. You are so good for my ego, Johanna. I never did say I would stop buying things, LOL. But I am trying to get some finishes in this year and getting really close with Snowy!


  2. I love Autumn Snowman. I found it interesting that you did the words on the bottom before the cross stitches.
    Your new stash looks great! I look forward to seeing your work on the afghan. My LNS is having a 1/2 off sale for anything published in 2012 or older. I am sure I will find lots of goodies if I can just find time to get over there!


    1. Is that weird that I did the words first? Not sure why I did, maybe because I was sick of green 😉 Sounds like a great sale. Get over there quick!


  3. Hello Ginny, ive only just recently found your blog and i love it. You have such a variety of stitching going on, its all so exciting. Will be keeping an eye out for the start of your snowman afghan. Love these designs and am still debating wether to back order the mags. Happy stitching. Bee x


    1. Hi Bee! I am so glad you found my blog 🙂 I am kind of all over the place with my stitchings. I just flutter from one thing to another. It helps to have enabling friends that keep showing me wonderful projects and products 😉 Not sure when I will start the snowman afghan, but keep coming back. You never know what I will be doing next.


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