Versatile Bloggers Award

image49I have been nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award by Helen Elizabeth at  Good Woman.  I accept this award and will do my best to do this right.  Good Woman is fairly new to the blogging world, so go check out her blog and give her a nice blogger welcome.

The rules are:

Show the award on your blog.

Thank the person who nominated you.

Share seven facts about yourself.

Nominate 15 blogs.

Link your nominees’ blogs, and let them know.

So, here are my 7 facts:

  1.  I was born and raised on the East Coast, but I call Michigan my home.
  2.  I spent 3 years in the United States Army and that is where I met my wonderful husband.
  3.  Cross stitch is not just my hobby, it is my addiction.  I get quite cranky when I don’t get to stitch.
  4.  I am a Stampin’ Up! demonstrator and am coming up on my 14th year in April.
  5.  I am a collector of many things including miniature tea sets, pez dispensers, match books and about 300 Ginny Dolls as well as all kinds of Stitchy stuff.
  6.   When I am not stitching, I like to stamp, scrapbook, knit, read and spend time on the computer with social media.
  7. I am the Mother of two young men and wife to the best husband who I met, went on a date and married a month and a half later.  We have been married for 30 years.

Now for the 15 blogs I nominate:

  1.  Stitch Therapy
  2. Pretty Little Things In A Box
  3. Life’s Apprentice
  4. JulieBie365
  5. Mae’s Beauty Blog
  6. Mary-Grace’s Cross Stitch
  7. Pillows A La Mode
  8. Not Your Average Crochet
  9. Handmade By Hannah
  10. Crafty Haven
  11. Life’s Complicated So Cross Stitch
  12. Dani, Black Belt Stitching Wizard
  13. Come Stitch With Me
  14. What I’m Up To  Today
  15. Of Snail Mail, Books and Vanities

All of these blogs are wonderful and have wonderful things to share.  Go check them out, you might just find something you like.

7 thoughts on “Versatile Bloggers Award

    1. Thanks, Marsha. I have accepted my award and have paid it forward. Took me a long time to do that post. And I have noticed that I really need to update the “blogs I follow” list as some of the blogs are no longer there. Now to try and figure out how to do that…..


  1. thanks for nominating me! I’ll get to work on the post. I have another award post I am remiss in not responding to – maybe I will get to that all tomorrow?

    You are a good blogging friend. 🙂


  2. I just realized that I never acknowledged your acceptance post. Thanks for the acceptance and for giving me some blog love. I agree with you about getting cranky when I can’t stitch. Lately I’ve been spending too much time blogging and I have to find the right balance. How appropriate that you collect Ginny dolls. I think I have already checked out some of your nominees but I will look at more.


    1. I finally made it through your list of nominees for the award, and I found several more to follow. I am so enamored with blogging that I am not getting any stitching done.


      1. Helen, that tends to happen. The computer is definitely a black hole. Once you are in, it’s so hard to walk away 😉 But you are having fun, so that is all that matters.


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