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Cross Stitching, Beading and Crocheting, Oh My!

I have forced myself to put down Mirabilia‘s Raven Queen to get back to beading on mermaid.  This is how she looked last night after 10 evenings of stitching:


I know it’s not much, but it is a pretty good start.  I have enjoyed stitching on her and will get back to her real soon.  Right now I am getting to the beading on PR Under the Moonlight.  Here is what I did last night:

beading on Under the Moonlight

There are going to be a lot of beads on this project!  I managed to make them fit along the top border by omitting a few and and then taking my needle through the entire length to try to get them as straight as I could.  The corners were easy and look very cool.

close up of beading on Under the Moonlight

I hope to get a lot of beads stitched on tonight.  Over the weekend I started another project.  I know, like I really need another project.  But it’s not a cross stitch project.  It’s a crochet project 🙂

Crochet Stripey Blanket

I have been wanting to do a crochet project for quite some time now.  After seeing the Citrus Stripe Blanket on Not Your Average Crochet, I knew it was time to get started.  My Step-Mom taught me to crochet when I was 12.  And I was pretty good at making ripple afghans and over the years, a lot of Bed dolls.  But I wanted to get that hook out and do something current and have a “quick, go-to project, that can go anywhere”. The only problem is, I can’t remember a lot of how to connect rows and turning is the biggest problem for me.  So, I started with the peach stripe, and decided to sign up for a crochet class.  I go next week at a local yarn shop.  By then the other colors of yarn that I ordered should be in and I can continue on with this baby blanket.

So, that is all of my stitchings for this week.  What are you stitching on?

33 thoughts on “Cross Stitching, Beading and Crocheting, Oh My!

  1. Love your Raven Queen! Love the beading-love beading!! The crochet is a great stitch. I was last working on a strip baby afghan -a few of one gauge & a few of another-oye. Gotta get my gauge on target!


    1. Thanks, Marsha. I am sad to put her down, but I know I will get back to her soon. I am enjoying the beading. Love adding that perfect little accent to my stitching. Are you knitting or crocheting your baby afghan? Would love to see it.


    1. Thanks. As soon as I get the yarn in the mail and take my “refresher” class next week, I will add a bit more to the blanket. I am looking forward to re-visiting crochet 🙂

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    1. Aw, so sorry Paula. I hope she arrives soon. I know that seeing everyone work on her is making you crazy jealous. Wish I could get you one sooner. My fingers crossed that you receive her very, very soon.


    1. Thank you, Stitchingthedream. I know my little section doesn’t look like much. That’s what I get for starting in the center and working my way down. But someday she will come to life. I beaded a bit more last night and I must say that I am not fond of stitching lots of beads in a row. But it is coming along and I know I will be happy with the results.


    1. Thanks, Angela. I know you are laughing because you know it will be a while before she is finished. LOL But she will be fabulous some day 😉


  2. Your Raven looks great! I’m working on mine too. Started in the upper left corner and am already tired of greys. I’m looking forward to seeing your crochet project. You have my condolences on the beading. Not my favorite thing — but yours is looking fab!


    1. Thanks, Johanna. I miss her already. But I’ll give you time to catch up and pass me 😉 Keep going past the grays. You will be happy and then saying the same thing when you get to black, ha! Looking forward to seeing more on your beautiful fabric. The beading…well, let’s just say I was a fan of beading. Well, just not liking doing rows of beads. But it will be worth it in the end.


  3. All of your projects look lovely! I love the beaded one, especially (you know I like beads!) the afghan is looking good as well. You might check Not Your Average Crochet’s blog for crochet tutorials – I know she id a lot of explaining when we did the Stripey Blanket KAL. She might have something there that jogs your memory.


    1. Thanks Salpal1. I know you like beads, and this piece will surely be weighed down with beads when I am done. I know that Hannah has some great tutorials, but I think I learn better by seeing. Some things I have never done and maybe done properly, like turning. The class I am taking will teach me all the basic stitches (probably already have them down) and how to connect rows and turning. Then maybe I can move on to harder stitches like that awesome stripey blanket that Hannah did.

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      1. lol – I know what you mean – if there is a teacher there to show you, and also tell you if you are doing it right, it seems to go more smoothly. As for the stripey blanket – those stitches that look so complicated when all put together are not, really. When you get comfortable with the basic stitches, her blanket comes together very nicely, with all her coaching, and a trillion photographs. I am sure you could do one. 🙂


  4. Raven Queen is gorgeous and the mermaid is fantastic!!! It’s very interesting for me to follow your progress. Everything is so beautiful..


  5. Beautiful projects. I love the fabric that you are using for Raven. Sometimes I substitute petite beads in same/similar colors to get them to fit; I have already done this on Raven.


    1. Thank you, Tracy. Since I have already bought the beads, I am making them work. I can’t wait to get back to Raven! I am enjoying seeing your progress.


  6. As you flit from one project to another I am still working on my 2002 UFO of rabbits with a flower pot. I am making progress and still will not allow myself to work on anything else. This one deserves to be finished. As soon as I can tear myself away from blogging I will be working on that piece.


    1. I admire your dedication, Helen. I have a project that I started in the 90’s that I would like to finish, but it just hasn’t called loud enough for me, LOL. I hope your needles fly through your project so that you can add it to your “finished” list.


    1. Thank you, Christine. I am plugging away on the beads. The entire border is beaded and I want to make sure that I get all the beads to fit in snug and that they are all pretty straight. I a almost half way done the border. So excited!

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    1. Thanks, Hannah. I went to “refresher crochet class” yesterday and had to rip out 3 of the 4 rows. But they are put back in, and correctly 🙂 I even added the next color. So, I think I am pretty confident that I can continue on my own. Now that I have been shown, your tutorials will help out alot. Can’t wait to put more stitches on it.


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