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Crocheting Again

In my last post I mentioned working on the baby blanket that wasn’t going so well.  You’ll be happy to hear that I finished it!

WIN_20150923_163442 (2)

WIN_20150927_112412 (2)

I am actually pretty pleased at how it turned out, even with all the mistakes.  The picot stitches were new to me.  I really like the way they made the border lacey. Before finishing this blanket, I decided to participate in a Crochet A Long that I found on Cherry Heart’s blog.  It is called the Spice of Life blanket and I immediately fell in love with the vintage look of it and all the different stitches that I will be learning 😉

Cherry Heart
If you want more information on this amazing blanket, you can click the button above.  The first pattern section was just released this past Tuesday (September 22, 2015) so there is still time to catch up.  I didn’t order my yarn until Sunday, and so far I have only received a partial shipment.  I am using Stylecraft Special  DK yarn that I ordered from Love Knitting.  A lot of people are using this yarn, hence the backorder.  But the rest of the yarn did ship the day after my original shipment, so hopefully it will be in this week so that I can continue.  Yes, I did start already!  Here are the colors I have received so far:
WIN_20150925_120420 (2)
I made my swatch.
Not perfect, but will be ok for a blanket.  Had to go down a hook size. And here is my start:
WIN_20150927_111614 (2)
A lot of the gals were posting their starts rolled up like this, so I thought I would, too :). I am very pleased with my start.  So far my edges are straight and I have the correct amount of stitches after 6 rows.  I learned about those neat little holders (you can see a little of them in my picture, the greenish things poking out of the top) and they really helped me out a lot.  I placed one at every 25 stitches on my chain and into the end stitch.  I did that every row and I didn’t make any mistakes!  So proud of myself.  My next color is supposed to be a turquoise, which I don’t have yet.  So while I wait, I will be working on cross stitching Mermaid Azure.  Here is how she looks after last night:
WIN_20150927_111929 (2)
She is taking me longer than Coral, but I had a vacation and all this crocheting.  But I am loving stitching on here.  She will be done in no time, I am sure.
So what are you spending your time on these days?

12 thoughts on “Crocheting Again

  1. The baby blanket is adorable! You did a good job. And the new CAL blanket is going to be pretty. Marking the stitches is a great idea to help you keep count. And of course, I love watching the mermaid come together. 🙂 I am hoping to finish the Millais shawl today, then I will write a post about the weekend. WITH fair photos!


    1. Thank you. I am looking forward to getting the rest of my yarn so that I can get back to crocheting and get caught up. Stitched a bit on Mermaid this weekend and am hoping to have her finished in the next day or two. Depending what else is thrown my way. I look forward to seeing your shawl finished. I know it will be gorgeous!

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    1. Thanks, Marsha. I do like the picot stitches. Had never heard of or done them before. They were not complicated, but mine were probably a little too loose, but I like the way the blanket turned out. It may go into a box for one of my boys to have one day 😉


  2. Look at you go! Your baby blanket finish is so adorable. Now onto the next one. Your colors are really pretty. And Azure is of course simply stunning. Glad to see you are branching out to other crafts like me!!


    1. Thank you Anonymous crafter 😉 I am hoping to received the rest of my yarn this week so I can get back to the crochet blanket and get caught up before I get too far behind. The next stitch is “grannies” and I think they may be a little complicated. Will have to see. I will also probably finish Azure in the next day or two 😉


    1. Thank you Fawn. I really like the lacy edge. Makes it look so sweet and precious. I can imagine a little baby being all wrapped up in it. I can’t wait to get more work on my new blanket. I will post my progress soon 🙂


  3. Congrats on finishing the baby blanket. It’s actually very pretty despite the earlier apprehensions you had about it 🙂 I love how the colors work well together. And that CAL sounds like so much fun, and educational no doubt. I would participate in those things except that it’s not that easy for me to get my hands on yarn :\ But I’ll be happy to follow your progress. Good luck and have fun! 🙂


    1. Thank you. I am happy with the baby blanket, even with all the mistakes. It was a learning process. The CAL is coming along very well. I have had a few glitches and have had to frog a few times, but all in all it is coming along nicely and I am almost finished with section 3. I will post soon. I had to order my yarn from the UK as it is not available here in the US and I am quite happy with it. Check it out, even for the pattern for future use. I will be learning lots of new stitches along the way 🙂

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