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Yesterday I told you I would post my purchase from my weekend get-away.  So here goes:WIN_20151027_160803

These fun things ended up in my bag from Stitches N Things.  The newest Mirabilis pattern, Twin Mermaids and the bead pack.  No plans to start this right away, but just had to have it.  It’s 2 mermaids! And some threads and a horn book for an upcoming project.

This past weekend hubby and I spent the weekend in Frankenmuth, MI for our anniversary and he spoiled me wonderfully.  We stopped at one of my favorite shops there.  Rapunzel’s Yarn and Boutique, where I picked up this:


I didn’t get a picture of the yarn hank before I tore it all apart.  I forgot to have them wind it for me, so ended up spending the whole trip home trying to detangle it.  But as you can see, I started knitting a scarf already.  The yarn is so awesome; lots of fun fibers and textures all in one skein!  The yarn is Alp Premier from Feza.   It was quite an expensive hank, but like I said, hubby spoiled me.  So I can’t let this yarn just sit around.  I will work on it in between everything else.  And if you click on the picture, you will see those cool looking knitting needles I picked up.  I had planned on starting this on the car ride home, and needed a pair of needles.  These are from Knit Picks.  Very pretty, made of wood, with very sharp points.  They are actually very nice to knit with.  I am glad I picked them up.

I am also still crocheting on my Spice of Life blanket.  I have 4 more rows to go before I start the border.


This blanket has been keeping me warm the last couple of days while I crochet on it.  I am really liking it and am hoping the border will not give me any problems so I can get it finished.

We stopped at a bead shop while in Frankenmuth.  Boy was I overwhelmed!  I haven’t taken up beading yet.  Not sure I ever will, but I like looking at all the beautiful beads and charms.  Bead Haven was the largest bead shop I had ever been in and if I were going to shop that day for a project, I wouldn’t have known where to begin.  Hubby found a rack in a corner of the store that had some hand made knitted items and he purchased this beautiful hat for me.


I love it!  It’s a pinky mauve color and fits me perfectly!  I can’t wait for a little bit cooler weather so I can wear it.  Someone did a wonderful job knitting it and lining and adding beads and fibers to the sweet knitted flower.

Dear husband bought me this awesome bag to carry around while shopping for the weekend.


It is a very nice bag and held all the little things we picked up over the weekend.  Right now it is holding my scarf project and it’s perfect.

And for my most favorite purchase of the weekend… Hubby bought me this as an anniversary present from a wonderful shop called The Enchanted Garden.


She is a beauty and I love her!  She is 26″ tall and gorgeous!  So I had a wonderful weekend and was spoiled to the max.  So now I am off to crochet a bit and see if I can get those last few rows finished.

What are you crafting on today?

27 thoughts on “Crafty Stuff

    1. Thanks, Marsha. I envy you for your energy to tackle your Christmas cards already. I have a funny feeling mine may be store bought this year. I still have not made it into my craft room 😦


  1. I haven’t been to Frankenmuth in a long time. I love walking around and seeing everything. Looks like you found some neat things. Next time home will have to get my Mom to go with me so I can check out the bead shop.


    1. I hadn’t been to Frankenmuth in a while, and I don’t remember that bead shop being there before. But you will definitely have to check it out if you are a beader. It is a huge store with several rooms that lead into each other. I was amazed at the size of the shop.


  2. Happy Anniversary! Its nice to get spoiled like that, and specially if all the goodies are so well thought off. Absolutely stunning. Your Mirabella kit is beautiful, and the beads included looks expensive and perfect for a delicate project. 🙂 I adore your yarn, and using it for a scarf it perfect to show off the different fibers. Good choice on needles. Real beauties. Love your bag and mermaid. She has found the perfect new home. 🙂
    Have fun with your projects, they are all great!


    1. Thank you. I will have to figure out when I can start Twin Mermaids. Lots of gorgeous beads for her. I love the yarn and will post a picture once I complete the scarf. I still can’t stop admiring my new Mermaid everytime I walk by her. She is stunning.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Your new mermaid is absolutely stunning. 🙂 I think I know exactly how you feel. A while back I bought a beautiful dragon, and I kept “petting” him for weeks every time I passed him. 🙂 These mystical creatures are just so cute and precious.


  3. You lucky lady!!! Happy Anniversary!!!
    That sounds like a lovely trip. The yarn is so cool. I have never seen a ball of yarn with so many different elements in it!
    Love the hat!!! I bet it looks adorable on you.
    Haha… you and your mermaids! 🙂


    1. Thank you, Fawn. 31 years. I am a very lucky lady 🙂 The yarn is awesome! I love all the different fibers. I have a sweater that I started years and years ago. It has so many pieces, that I think I lost interest. It is a colorbox sweater and has many different skeins of fibers. I think I will pitch the pieces and use all the leftover yarns to make scarves like the one I am working on. That will be a fun project and one WIP that will be out of my mind for good. I can’t wait to wear my new hat. It’s not a style that I think I can pull off, but it’s so cute! It would look cute on you for sure.


  4. wow – sounds like a wonderfully fun, fibery/crafty weekend. Lots of things to make you happy. 🙂 Right now I am still plodding along on a sweater for a little one, but I have many big plans churning about in my head.


    1. It was a wonderful weekend. I loved the Enchanted Garden shop where we found the mermaid. I can’t wait to go back already. I have lots of fairy garden ideas in my head, but they will probably have to wait until Spring. Can’t wait to see the sweater you are working on and what new projects you will be starting.

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  5. That is so cool! Not only are all of the gifts wonderful, but to have a hubby who will actually TAKE you places like that is amazing. Mine…..probably not. That’s why I spend $$ on me so often! Have fun with all of your goodies!


  6. i totally love the ball of yarn with different texture.. OMG.. it really looks cute.. may I know which brand it that? so i can have a look out. 😀 lovely mermaid you got there. 😉


  7. Ginny, does your husband have a twin? LOL! All the stuff you’ve picked up have made me drool. That sweet, sweet hat. And that mermaid figurine! So beautiful 🙂


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