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Mermaid Trio back from the Framer!

IMG_0218 (2)

I picked up my Mermaid Trio from Stitches N Things today.  I think it turned out really well.  It is quite wide; measuring 30 1/2″ so I haven’t yet found a place to hang it.  I may have to start rotating my projects around.  I am happy I put all 3 of these sweet mermaids onto one piece of fabric.  Just in case you are not familiar with the designs, they are all separate mermaids by Nora Corbet; the same designer that does the Mirabilia patterns. I love all of her designs.  On the left is Mermaid Azure, Coral Charms is in the middle and Mermaid Verde is on the right.  They are stitched on 16ct Aida Summer Showers by Sunny Dyes Fabrics.

Who is your favorite designer to stitch?




26 thoughts on “Mermaid Trio back from the Framer!

  1. They came out fantastic! I like that the beading on the frame echoes the things they’re holding.

    I don’t think I have a favorite designer as much as I do favorite subject matter I keep returning to. I especially love Southwestern motifs and colors.


    1. Thank you, Maia. And very good eye there! I think the frame compliments them well. Having a favorite subject matter is good. You can probably tell that mine is Mermaids 😉 I also like ladies with big dresses and I am leaning towards that and wanting to start a new lady! But I have other things to finish right now.


  2. Beautiful project. I know you worked really hard and finished this in record time. (Great pic too – shows the “clouds” beautifully). Mira is probably my favorite designer too!


    1. Thank you. It is wonderful bringing home framed pieces. The final stage of the project that I have spent so many wonderful hours creating. I am itching to get my Rave Queen framed, but she will have to wait since I have had 2 framed in the last month. I will post pictures of her soon 😉


  3. I found this via Pinterest, and it’s just lovely! I’ve been thinking of doing Mermaids Azure & Verde on a single piece of fabric, and this has convinced me that I should definitely do that. 😀 Thanks for sharing!


    1. Hi Amy! That’s cool that my piece ended up on Pinterest and inspired you 🙂 I was inspired by someone else, so I it’s great to share. I think you will enjoy stitching the mermaids together. I plan on doing the other 3 small mermaids in this same way. Good luck and I would love to see yours when you finish.


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