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Voting is Open!

Voting is open to the public until December 9, 2015 for the Winter Whisper Contest.  There are many beautiful entries and 2 categories for voting.  When you click on the link that I give you at the bottom of this post, there will be 2 categories in which to vote at the top of the page in blue.  1. For the best stitching and 2. For the Best finish.  There will be a circle next to each person’s name.  Click on the circle to cast your vote and scroll to the bottom of the page to submit.  Make sure to vote in both categories.  My finish is below.  If you like it, vote for mine under Ginny Schleich. Good luck to all the participants!

Winter Whisper horn book


17 thoughts on “Voting is Open!

  1. It wouldn’t let me vote for the best stitching. That must be the one I voted on last time. I voted for project this time. Guess I didn’t realize there were 2 to vote on! One poor lady had zip for votes. You did a spectacular job-you should have more points!


      1. I think I am way behind. 4th or 5th place. That’s ok. I really enjoyed stitching the piece and am going to make 2 more. And the designer says this is just a small portion of a much bigger design, so I am holding my breath waiting for that one to come out. I have a vision of the full lady, in a big gown, with a long fur cape, so elegant and beautiful!

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