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So Much Yellow!

Hello friends.  I hope that your New Year is going well.  I can’t believe that we are already over half way into January!  I have a funny feeling the rest of the year will fly by also.  So, here is to taking one day at a time and enjoying each day doing whatever makes us happy.

So…what have I been up to? Well, I am still stitching on Mirabilia’s  Ella, the Frog Princess  and trying not to let all the yellow get me down! Here she is as I left her last night:

Ella progress

As you can tell from the photo, I have a long way to go. I am trying not to let that sea of yellow get the best of me.  Thankfully I have some pretty flowers to give me a boost of color when I get too bored of the yellow.  I have been overly tired lately, so the progress has been slow.  But I am still enjoying her, so far.

A few weekends ago, I found a couple of knitting shops that I had never been to.  Here is what I added to my stash 😉

IMG_0550 (2)

Yarn and needles to knit a pretty little shoulder shawl from the book shown above.  Forgot to take a photo of the actual shawl.  But I will when I start it.  I also bought my first Addi needles.  I have heard they are nice, but have never tried them before.  I am not a fan of circular needles, but this pattern called for circulars, in a size I knew I didn’t have.  So I will let you know how I like them when I get to knitting on them.

And from the other shop that I visited, I found this:

IMG_0553 (2)

This shawl was actually done up in the store and I fell in love with it immediately.  The yarn it calls for is Saki, a hand dyed yarn by Prism.  The color I chose is Portofino and I can’t wait to see how it knits up.  I have actually started it and this is where I left off with this one:

IMG_0561 (2)

I started with 11 stitches and increased up to 161 stitches in just that little bit!  It is full of pattern and the last row that I did, I ended up with too many stitches, so had to knit it back 2 rows.  I have put the purl row back in, but was a little afraid to pick it back up for fear of making another mistake.  I have been too tired lately and I know better than to tackle a pattern when my brain is not up full speed.  I am loving how the colors are knitting up  already.

So, that is what I have been up to this month.  What are you working on?

16 thoughts on “So Much Yellow!

  1. Wow, I’m excited about the shawls. They look so lovely in the photos and the colors are so pretty. I’d say they balance out all that yellow in the Frog Princess 🙂


  2. Beeautiful yarn!!!! Can’t wait to see the finished product. would love to be working with yarn right now. Have been trying to get cards done.


    1. Thanks, Marsha. It would be nice if I can finish one sometime soon 😉 I have cards to do, too. Hopefully today 🙂 I like to spread my hobbies out throughout the day sometimes…A little of this one, a smidge of that one, get back to this one and add a hunk of another. Pick up some yarn, girl!


  3. Is this the shawl you were talking about, Ginny? I love the colors in the yarn. Hope you do work on it sometime, and hope this time’s the charm! 🙂 Your (other) needlework skills are amazing, by the way!


    1. Hi Anita. It isn’t the shawl I was referring to, but had problems with this one also. It seems I started the yoke with the larger needles rather than the smaller, so I will have to re-do this one also 😦 It is a one skein (expensive skein) shawl, and I don’t want to run out of yarn. Was just working on the other shawl and still coming up wrong! Knitted one row, unknitted 2 rows, still off and can’t seem to find out where. I have knitted the 3 rows back in and will continue one more row to see if I have the right # of stitches. They don’t give me a stitch count until row 14 but when I end the row with 2 sts instead of 1, I know it’s wrong. I will post it soon. Back to try again 🙂

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      1. Oh that does sound like a mystery… Hope you find that you’re going about it correctly, but if not, hope you can wing it by decreasing or increasing somewhere, and keep going! 😀 Good luck with both shawls!


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