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Birthday Surprises and Ella Update

So last weekend was my birthday and hubby spoiled me with a weekend get-away and some fun shopping.  He also surprised me with a techy gift.  Did you notice my new blog address??  I’m a dot com now!  and I have my own email address attached to my blog so if you ever want to drop me a note, you can at

I received a couple of stitchy gifts for my birthday.  I received these from my VBSF (Very Best Stitchy Friend):

Stitchy birthday gift

Johanna knows I LOVE tea pots and tea cups.  It is so perfect.  If I had a needle, scissors and a hoop on my getaway, I would have already started this cute stitch. This will look lovely in my kitchen one day.  And the beautiful pendant she made from clay. This photo really doesn’t do this piece justice.  It is really gorgeous in person.   She is so talented.  Thank you so much, Johanna.

I received a surprise package all the way from Singapore from a dear blogging friend, Angela.

Stitchy gift from Angela

A beautiful stitch kit that will be perfect in my new craft room (coming this Spring).  It says DREAM, sorry I covered that up with the cute little scissors.  And a bag full of buttons and charms.  I can’t wait to use them in my crafting.  Thank you for thinking of me, Angela.

And now my update on Ella, the Frog Princess:

Ella update

I feel she is going so slow.  I have been working on her for about 4 weeks now and this is only the middle of the dress layers. I guess I have my wish to stitch on a lady with a big dress 😉  This is definitely a Big Yellow Dress.  I hope to have much more done the next time I update her.  In case you are viewing her for the first time, she is Ella, the Frog Princess by Mirabila.  I am stitching her on Pandora 16ct Aida from Hand Dyed Fabrics by Stephanie.

So, are you working on a project that just seems to be slowly getting done?

23 thoughts on “Birthday Surprises and Ella Update

  1. Belated Happy Birthday, Ginny! Lots of sunshine love from Indonesia 😀 That X-stitch gift from your VBSF is sure making me miss my own X-sticthing 🙂


      1. I know, I do miss stitching. Maybe kits are the way to go so I won’t have to go to Singapore if I run out of something.


  2. Happy Birthday! Hope you had an awesome time. You got stunning gifts and goodies, so special.
    Lovely stitching, its a pretty big one. I know she is going to be just as pretty as all the others. 🙂


  3. Happy Belated Birthday!!! It sounds like you had a wonderful birthday!
    Your own domain… what a great gift. You are so official!!!

    Wishing you another amazing year, my sweet stitchy friend!!!


  4. Thank you, Fawn! I had a wonderful birthday weekend and feel very loved. Yeah, me…my own domain! Who would have ever thought something so techy would be so cool to me? That is the word I was looking for; Official. I am now official! LOL Cheer to amazing years for both of us, girlfriend!


    1. Thank you. I have a project that I started in the mid 90’s I believe. The Nativity by Marbek. I know I will finish it some day. I just can’t believe I have let it go for this long. Your quilt will be completed one day also. Maybe our projects are meant to be finished at a certain time for a certain reason. Like everything happens for a reason, so do our projects 🙂


  5. Belated birthday wishes Ginny! Hope you had a wonderful day and here’s wishing you a fantabulous year ahead! 🙂

    Congrats on the new domain and those are some lovely gifts 🙂 Ella is looking lovely! 😀


      1. Can’t wait to see your geeky explosion 😉 As for myself, I have not touched my stitching in almost a week. Seeing your updates makes me loooong for my stitchy bug to return 🙂


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