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My New Craft Room, Injured Back and Pixie Anne

So my new Craft Room is pretty much finished.  I still have things to move in and some organizing to do, but I have a new room!  Here is a before picture of my sons room before we had it painted:

IMG_0638 (2)

And here it is after the walls were prepped and patched and painted:

IMG_0695 (2)

My husband worked very hard putting all of my furniture together and set up.  My first desk went in on move in day on Feb 7.  And then the rest of the furniture arrived and started going in.  My space kept getting smaller and smaller and I realized that everything I wanted to put in this room was not going to fit.  But that’s ok.  It’s going to be wonderful.

IMG_0701 (2)

My other desk went in but when we opened the carton with the corner piece, it was shattered, so we had to wait for a replacement.  And it came rather quickly and the decorating began!

IMG_0748 (2)

IMG_0749 (2)

IMG_0751 (2)

IMG_0727 (2)

I just love it!  I have even created in it already.  It is not finished.  I am still waiting on some organizational shelving and I still have drawers and cubby’s to fill.  But last week I injured my back-first last Monday night and then again Tuesday, bringing in boxes of furniture the UPS guy delivered. It was the worst back pain I have ever had and I have had a few.  It’s still not 100%, but getting better a little bit everyday.  I am hoping to get back in my new room tomorrow and fill up a few drawers 😉

I couldn’t even stitch last week, but in the last few nights I have put a few stitches into Nora Corbett’s Queen Anne’s Lace.  She is so sweet and will be the first thing I hang in my new craft room when I get her finished and framed. I am stitching her on 16ct Aida Carmel Macchiato, a hand dyed fabric by Stephanie.  Here is my progress on her:

Queen Annes Lace

Once I get the metallic pink portion of the right wings finished, I will have to put her down until the rest of the supplies I have ordered for her come in.  I have had the silk thread and the rest of the beads on order for 2 weeks or so.  She must be a very popular design.  She is so sweet and I cannot wait to get her finished.

I worked on some knitting while my back was hurting, but I guess I couldn’t concentrate as I had to rip out many times and re-work.  I hope to work on it a bit more this week and then I will post a picture.

So, while I was moving into a new craft room and nursing a hurt back, what have you been up to?

37 thoughts on “My New Craft Room, Injured Back and Pixie Anne

  1. I am so in love with your craft room. The colors are so girly and happy. Everything looks so well organized (and color coordinated) so you can find whatever you are after. I expect some amazing things to come out of this room! And your Pixie Anne is going to be a great addition once she is finished and up on the wall. Great job!


    1. Thank you, Johanna. Next to my husband, you are my biggest supporter. I know it’s going to take some time to get the room perfectly functional, but I will get there. I know I will have so much fun creating there. Thank you for all of your kind words and support 🙂


  2. Wow, imagine that! A pretty personal space filled from top to bottom with favorite things ❤ I'd be so inspired just by the thought! Congratulations Ginny and create more happiness 🙂 I hope your back feels better soon. I once injured my back too, it was really uncomfortable.


    1. Thank you, Paardje. I am in love ❤ I have to go in every night before going to bed just to look :). I look forward to spending a lot of time organizing and making sure everything is in the best place and creating. My back is feeling a little better every day. Thank you for your well wishes.

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  3. Love your new room, the colors are beautiful! Hope you are feeling better. Told hubby you are going to have to get speakers now. When he is in his computer room you can call him love ya


    1. Thank you, Marilyn. I am feeling better today than yesterday. May even get to play in my room for a little bit today 😉 Sorting scrapbook paper. Not too stressful on my back. Queen Anne is awaiting threads and beads to be finished. Hopefully they will come in soon so that I can finish her.


  4. Your room looks so good!!! I love the pink walls and the furniture your picked out and all of the storage! Swooooooon.
    Sorry to hear about your back. Guess you’ll just have to take it easy for awhile. 😉
    Your stitching is looking beautiful. Can’t wait to see your room start filling up with finishes hanging on the walls.


    1. Thank you, Fawn. I feel like a Princess in my new room 😉 Hubby bought me the Princess sign for my old Craft room, but it really fits in my new room. Today I will try to sort scrapbook paper in my new room. Something easy and not too bad on my back. We’ll see how much I can get done. I am at a standstill with Queen Anne, waiting on a thread and beads 😦 Can’t wait to get her finished, framed and hanging on the wall.


  5. Queen Ann’s Lace is absolutely gorgeous – don’t you love how NOra Corbett incorporates flowers into her characters? Feel better soon. I can’t say I know what it feels like to have lower back pain but when I get tendonitis in my thumb I know I get cranky when it can’t stitch


    1. She is so beautiful and sparkly. Can’t wait to get the magnifica beads to add to her. She will sparkle even more. I do love all the flower pixies and fairy’s that Nora does. Some day I will get them all done. Other than sections of them that I have stitched on Round Robins, this one is my first Pixie and I am totally smitten ❤ My back pain is getting better. This one was the worst I ever had and it was more around my hip and buttocks. I definitely stretched or strained something to the max. I totally agree that no stitching (whatever the reason) results in crankiness 😉


  6. Wow, the move and work in the craft room was just so worth it. Its gorgeous. Like all crafters, you have an amazing amount of stock and supplies, but its so very well laid out and organized, I absolutely love it. I adore the soft little curtains and blinds on the window and the little hanging cage in the corner.
    Gorgeous fairy, her dress and headdress is simply stunning. 🙂


  7. Thank you, Joey. It really has been worth it, though I am glad the back is getting better. I am thinking about adding a 3rd panel to my curtain valance. I love them, but 2 just doesn’t seem to be balanced right. 3 may be too many, but I will have to get another and see. I purchased that bird cage last summer while on vacation. I just love bird cages, but not sure what to do with them. Hubby doesn’t understand my love of them, so it has been in a closet until now 🙂 That hook in the ceiling was the perfect place to hang it. And what is a birdcage without a mermaid or two, right? LOL I am still waiting on threads and beads to finish Anne. I can’t wait to finish her.


  8. Ginnyyyy… The room looks amazing! I am so so jealous of you right now 😀 Everything looks so perfect and well coordinated 🙂 Love that Princess Palace 🙂

    I’m so sorry to hear about your back. I hope you are healing well! And your WIP is coming along beautifully 🙂


    1. It is wonderful, Christine. I am still adding things and organizing and sometimes just sitting in there, admiring everything. It really is a dream come true. Back is still healing (at least I hope it is) but I am able to get around and do things and get some sleep at night. All is good 🙂

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    1. Thanks, Hanna. The back is feeling better. Until I do too much 😛 Always the way. I have to learn to take it easy, which is hard. I am glad to be back to organizing and arranging in my new room. The cross stitch stuff didn’t make it to the new room and only 2 very small bins of yarn are in there. But that’s ok. It’s an awesome room and I love it.


  9. sorry to hear your injured back.. hope things are getting well now.. I do love your craft room.. wow… I love the space you had.. so neat and organized. 😉 well done!


  10. Hi Ginny! Thanks for liking my post in my blog. I’m trying to follow your blog but I’m having some issues. But I’ll keep trying. I’ll just clear my cookies and internet data. By the way, I LOVE your craft room! Is my dream to own one. Maybe some day. But yours is just great! It looks comfy and organized.


    1. Aw, thank you so much for visiting me 🙂 Sorry you are having issues. I do hope they get resolved quickly. I LOVE my craft room 🙂 The floor is an issue at the moment and I am still trying to organize and remember where everything is. I have changed things several times. I should put an updated picture up. I will cruise around your blog later this week when I have a bit more time. Seems like I am always on the run these days.


      1. Great! Also, your stitching looks so good 🙂 Oh, and I fixed the issue. I subscribed! At least that’s what my wordpress reader says. I look forward to your posts.


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