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She is Pink and She is Finished!

Queen Annes Lace 1

Isn’t she a beauty!  I finished her last night and couldn’t be more happier with her.  She is Queen Anne’s Lace by Nora Corbett.  She is featured in the current issue of Just Cross Stitch magazine and is a FREE download on their site.  I stitched her on 16ct Aida Carmel Macchiato from Hand Dyed Fabrics by Stephanie.  And while the stitching above is more true to the colors, the fabric is a bit washed out.  Below is a better picture of the fabric.

Queen Annes Lace finish

This picture was taken last night after I finished her.  The first photo I took this morning in natural light.  What a difference.  But I am so excited to have her finished and can’t wait to get her in to be framed.  I am thinking something silver, to match my new craft room (which I love, by the way).  So I stitched a little bit more on Ella last night after finishing Pixie Anne, and here is where I am with her:

IMG_0816 (2)

She is coming along, but I am afraid that something else has caught my eye (as if we didn’t think that would happen, sheesh!)

IMG_0790 (2)

I was going to wait until this Stitch Along was finished before investing in all the materials and the patterns, but I saw someone on the Wherefore Art Thou Facebook Group stitching it in pink, and that was all she wrote!  The colors looked so lovely on her fabric.  And I knew I had some kind of pink fabric in my stash.  So while out last weekend, I just happen to run into the patterns and couldn’t resist!  And I am going to stitch it in all the specialty hand dyed threads instead of DMC.  As you can see, I picked up sections 1 and 2.  Section 3 will be released on March 31, in Italy, where Nora Corbett will be attending the Casa Cenina shop.  They are probably having a big party to celebrate the beauty who will come to life when the stitching is finished.  Can you guess who it will be?  Once I returned home with pattern and threads, I began the search for the perfect pink fabric.  I had only one that I thought would compliment the lovely floss colors.  Here is my floss toss.  What do you think?

IMG_0810 (2)

The fabric is 16ct Aida Pink Impatiens by Silkweaver.  The recommended fabrics are Chocolate Milk and a Gray linen.  With all the rich dark colors, I think it needs a lighter, prettier color fabric.  I am so excited.  I think I may be starting it this weekend if not tonight.  I will be sure to post photos of my start.  What new project are you looking forward to starting or what project are you enjoying at the moment?

29 thoughts on “She is Pink and She is Finished!

  1. Pixie Anne is perfect! “Wherefore Art Thou?” came from Romeo & Juliet. Will they be your subjects? Love the material with your floss! I cannot wait for Ell. Is she on a gigantic cloth, or is that an optical illusion. I am stamping. So many other things I am needing to do…but, the cards are necessary.


    1. Thank you, Marsha. I just love Pixie Anne! Juliet will be revealed in the Wherefore Art Thou pattern. I can’t wait to see what she looks like. Ella is being stitched on an 18 x 26 piece of fabric. Usually what I do most things on. Pixie Anne is a bit smaller. Ella will be set aside for a bit, but I will eventually finish her sometime. I need to get into a regular routine of stamping and scrapbooking, but it hasn’t come yet. I am happy to hear you are stamping:)


  2. I love Pixie Anne. She sure is stunning. Yes, I agree, a silvery frame. Perfect.
    Ella is looking good, its a pretty big project. I think your new project is going to a gorgeous piece. Love the fabric. 🙂
    Have a great weekend and happy crafting.


    1. Thank you, Johanna. My weeks and weekends are filled, so not sure when I will get to the framer. I am really itching to get Pixie Anne framed up and hanging on my wall. Even though Ella is being stitched on an average sized piece of fabric, I think it’s the big gown with all the ruffles and flowers that makes her big. Once I get up to her waist, it should go a lot faster. I can’t wait to add that sweet little frog in her hand 😉 I started the new piece on the pink fabric last night. Looking forward to stitching and sharing more. I hope you have fun crafting with your new stash of goods from the Hobby show.

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      1. Thank you so much. I wish I had more time as well, I so want to craft and do so much. Unfortunately I have to still work as well. 😉
        I adore your stitching, and always look forward to your next post and pics. You are right, Ella is looking bigger because of the dress, and oh so very worth it. I think the little froggie will be to cute!
        Have a great new week. 🙂


      2. There really isn’t enough hours in a day nor days in a week to get all of our crafting done. We just have to enjoy the time we have. Queen Anne went off to the framer last weekend, so she should be done sometime this week. Can’t wait to pick her up! The rest of my week is pretty busy. Enjoy your week as well.

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      3. Thank you. You must have a good week, its busy here as well. Back at work after the easter break, and now have to go full steam until winter break. Its a long stretch. 🙂


  3. So glad Pixie Anne is finished. Now on to the framing — she will look beautiful in your new craft room. I will be watching your Mira mystery. Anxiously awaiting a face so I can make a decision on this one. Great work!


    1. I am not sure when I can get to the framer, Johanna. My days and weeks and Saturdays are booked and I really want to get her framed soon. Don’t worry. I will let you know when she is in for framing 😉 I can’t wait to see Juliet appear on this Mira Mystery. I love the color of her dress.


  4. Queen Anne’s lace turned out so pretty.
    Ella is looking good also.
    Love your fabric pic for the mystery.


    1. I was also going to wait, Paula. But once I saw it being stitched on pink and knew that a local shop was carrying it, I couldn’t resist. I can’t wait to see her face! Just a few more weeks and the the last section will be out. Boy these last 2 1/2 months really flew by!

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  5. Ginny, Pixie is just gorgeous! Well done! The Mystery will be interesting to see progress: must admit I have never done one 😉 – another thing to be tempted with! Your floss toss for the project looks lovely.


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