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A Pixie Finish and More Fabric

Blossom Collector finished

Isn’t she a sweetie? I finished her Sunday night.  She was a pretty quick stitch, taking me only 19 days! I just love her and can’t wait to get her framed.  She is Blossom Collector by Nora Corbett.  She is one of the Black Forest Pixie’s and my first Black Forest finish.  I stitched her on 16ct Aida one of a kind by Fantasy Dyed Fabrics. Here are a few more pictures of her:

Blossom Collector 2

Blossom Collector 1

Speaking of Fantasy Dyed Fabrics, I picked up a few more of her beautiful fabrics:

IMG_1287 (2)

This one is a beauty! 16ct Aida in  Blues and purples with a hint of brown and cream.  Love it!  I have plans to stitch Nora Corbett’s Sweet Pea Pixie on this one.  I also picked up this one:

IMG_1284 (2)

This one is 28ct Monaco,  beautiful blue and white with a hint of purple.  I do love the colors, but this fabric looks like linen to me and not sure I would ever stitch on it.  I do not like linen  at all.

I also special ordered this one:

IMG_1283 (2)

I think that this has to be my most favorite color combination; pink, blue, green all in pastels.  I do keep coming back to this combination.  This 16ct Aida piece was  a bit small for what I wanted, so I have re-ordered a 2nd piece 🙂 And I am keeping this one. I just couldn’t send it back!  I LOVE it too much.   This one I plan on using for 2 of Nora’s beautiful Pixies:  Lily and Rose. The other larger piece that I will receive is for a Joan Elliott mermaid. If you haven’t checked out Fantasy Dyed Fabrics, or haven’t visited this week, check it out!  She is always adding more beautiful fabrics and this week she added some gorgeous Opals!

So now I am back to stitching on Aphrodite mermaid  and still loving her and her colors.  I will post an update photo of her this week.  So what project are you working today?

21 thoughts on “A Pixie Finish and More Fabric

  1. I love her too! The fabric is perfect for her {wink!} Can’t wait to see her framed! I’m going to try to start Ophelia’s Pearl if I can stop dying fabrics long enough.


  2. Blossom turned out so pretty.
    Love her braid.
    The fabrics are pretty too.
    Monaco is nice to stitch on, more even than Linen, if you don’t like Linen.


  3. Your pixie is soooooo cute!!! The beads really look great on it. Pretty fabrics! You better get busy with more stitching! 🙂


  4. She is adorable. I absolutely love the beads you used. Makes a stunning impact. And so quickly. Wow! 🙂
    Wish I had more time to knit and stitch, although I do have a few new projects on the needles after a cold and windy weekend. 🙂 Just need new photos when its sunny again.


    1. Thank you, Joey. I have put her in to be framed and can’t wait to see how she looks all framed up. My framer is on summer hours, so that means she is away at her summer house and only picks up items to be framed once a month, so it may be a while before I get her back. I have been so busy with other things lately that I haven’t stitched anything. Looking forward to getting back to it myself next week. I hope that you can pick up your needles again, too. Looking forward to seeing what you have started.


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