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Mermaid Progress

IMG_1685 (2)

I can’t tell you how happy I am to finally be finished  with Aphrodite‘s tail and that shell!  They are so big!  The entire part is bigger than my open hand with fingers spread!!  Wow, that took a while to do.  So now I am moving on up!  She is a skinny mermaid, so I am hoping she won’t take me too long to finish.  I am itching to start a Pixie!  Speaking of which…here are all the fabrics I have purchased from Fantasy Dyed Fabrics specifically for Pixies and a few witches.

IMG_1690 (2)

Just look at all those beauties!!  All except 2, have been matched with a specific pattern.  Most of the pieces are about 14 x 17, which is perfect size for a pixie or witch from Nora Corbett.  There are a couple of larger pieces that will be cut into 2 pieces for 2 pixies.  There is one large piece that is for a larger mermaid.  As you can see, I am addicted to Fantasy Dyed Fabrics.  The gal that dyes them is awesome.  She dyes one of a kind pieces and posts them on her Facebook Page and her Etsy.  And she is quick to ship once you purchase. Great fabrics, awesome customer service and quick shipping.  I have 2 more pieces on the way for 2 more pixies and that doesn’t even put a dent into how many Pixies Nora has come out with.  I may run out of wall space first, LOL.

And for you paper crafters out there, here is my most recent card I made using Stampin’ Up! products.

IMG_1651 (2)

I love birds, and the Best Birds stamp set with matching dies makes it so easy to create with.  So sweet!

So what are you crafting these days?

17 thoughts on “Mermaid Progress

  1. Aphrodite is so pretty! And I just love the fabrics that you chose. Makes me want to dye some older Aida that I’ve had forever to see if it would inspire me to use it up. Just love your crafting!


  2. oh, that mermaid – I love the colors! It is going to be fabulous. I was wondering what you do with all of these beauties, but you answered my question – hang them on the wall! The card is cute, too – love that dies and stamps coordinate like that. I think you know all I have been working on – it’s a crazy mess of stuff, and no paper in it! I need to clear a table in the craft room and do some cards. 🙂


    1. Her colors really are beautiful, Salpal1. Almost beachy, like your yarn. All of my stitchings are hung on the walls of my house. Hubby is so supportive of my habit and lets me hang them everywhere. We are running out of space, though. My Raven Queen is the only one I haven’t gotten framed yet, and not sure why. Maybe I can get her framed in time for Halloween since she is kind of spooky looking. I am lucky in that my craft room is only for my papercrafting, so the desk is always ready to craft on 🙂

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      1. lol my craft room is only for crafting, but it still holds lots of stuff from the loft painting-bookcase building, which still isn’t finished. Sigh. I painted on the floor the other day. 🙂 I still have loads of floor space.


  3. Wowie! That tail looks magical! I’m sure you’ll be done with her in no time 🙂 And those fabrics are gorgeous 😀 Can’t wait to see the projects you’ve mapped them to.

    I love that card! It looks so adorable. You are so talented! 🙂

    I haven’t been doing too many crafty things I’m afraid. I’d lost my stitchy bug for a while but started a new HAED earlier this month. I hope the fervor lasts 🙂


    1. There definitely should be some magic in that tail and shell. Glad to be done with both and they do look pretty awesome. I am moving right along and almost have all of the memaid scales done. You must really have some stitchy mojo back to be working on a HAED! I hope it lasts through the whole project.

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      1. Hehe… I hope my mojo lasts too. Although considering how large a HAED is, it’s inevitable that I will fall off the bandwagon at some point 🙂 These HAED challenges are helping me stay on track though 🙂


  4. Exciting times, all the matching up of fabrics to patterns! 🙂 I’m so curious about what new pixies will emerge. (And witches too? Are they for Halloween?)


    1. It is so exciting matching up fabrics with patterns. I have way more than I can ever do in a lifetime, but I am having fun 🙂 The witches will be for Halloween. Not this Halloween, and probably not the next, but when I get them done, I will hang them for Halloween.

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  5. That shell and tail were quite large! So happy to be past that point and I am already past her arms 🙂 The colors are quite beautiful in person. Thank you for your sweet comments and for visiting my blog. I always enjoy reading your comments.


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