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My Quilted Tree Skirt

Hi!  Wow, 2 posts in a week!  And me getting things done, too!  Amazing!  So, on Sunday I set out to cutting all the pieces for my tree skirt.  Then began sewing everything together.


As you can see out my window, we received lots of the white stuff overnight and it was still snowing all day Sunday.  Perfect time to be inside sewing away.  Oh and we ended up with about 10″ of snow.  Yuk!  But I did get the quilt top all together.


I just love how all the fabrics look together.  I was getting excited for the finished product.  I had worked on it all day and by the end of the day, I had all the quilt layers pinned together and ready for cutting and sewing.


I cut, sewed, poked my fingers a few times, turned it outside right, sewed the opening closed and tied off all of the squares.  And here is the finished product.  I am so happy with how it turned out.




And I am finally backstitching mermaid.  My least favorite part of cross stitching is the backstitching.  It is taking forever.  But she does have a beautiful face 🙂


So now I have to get back to more decorating and getting my Christmas cards addressed!  What are you up to these busy December days?


23 thoughts on “My Quilted Tree Skirt

  1. Your tree skirt is just lovely! There is a kit in my cross stitch stash for a tree skirt that I am hoping to start next year. My only complaint is that it is on 11-count Aida and while I don’t mind Aida, I am not at all fond of the large counts. And don’t you just love how the backstitching finishes a project off, though I agree it isn’t one of my more favorite parts to do.


    1. I am loving my new tree skirt. I think it’s just perfect. I look forward to seeing your cross stitched tree skirt. How wonderful! Could you use maybe a 25 or 28 count fabric instead of the 11ct? That does seem like a large count. I do like how the backstitching looks in the end, but it is such a pain to count. That is one of the reasons I love Mirabilia and Nora Corbett patterns; not much backstitching. The designer of the pattern I am working on tends not to use the holes when backstitching, but rather in the middle of stitches and on the side of stitches. It’s been very difficult to count and figure where to poke my needle next. But I am almost finished with backstitching (I hope).


      1. Your work always looks so lovely and detailed. I keep thinking about my one Lavender and Lace that I bought years ago when my daughter was little, but have never been brave enough to start. Maybe I will adventure into that next year. As for the tree skirt fabric, I would love to work on 28 ct or even 32 ct, but the design would be smaller and so I am not sure yet. When I pull it out next year, I will have to decide if ordering new higher count fabric is in order. I am sure I would prefer even 25 ct over 11 ct Aida. The others would be either evenweave or linen. Decisions, decisions! 🙂


      2. Thank you, you are so sweet. Which Lavender and Lace pattern do you have? I have a few and just love them, too. I have only stitched 2 L & L patterns and have one barely started, but would love to do more. Especially the other 3 seasons of Angels.


  2. Oh I absolutly love the tree skirt. It turned out just perfect and the colours look great with the tree decorations. I can’t believe how much snow you got. I’m so jealous:( usually we have over two feet of snow outside by now, but we barelly have a few inches 😦 so sad no white Christmas for me this year…well I guess there is still time so that does give me hope. All I have done for Christmas still is just working on those dish cloths for my mom…I should really go and finish my Christmas shopping but the wind outside is just worrible. I think I’ll just get it all done with this weekend.


    1. Thank you Ivyjade234. I am very happy with how my tree skirt turned out and think it is perfect with my tree. You can have every inch of my snow 😉 I do hate the stuff. I haven’t been out of the house since Saturday! There is still time for snow to head your way in time for a white Christmas. Good luck with all of your shopping and getting things done. I am hoping to finally write and address my cards today. I think I subconsciously keep putting it off.

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      1. 😀 Yay I will take all snow! (if only I could actually do that) 😦
        Ya I would put off card writing too…actually wait I have already done that. You still have a little bit a time left to do it and I’m sure once you get started you’ll finish right away and you’ll wonder why you didn’t just do it sooner.


      2. I think I have some cards to do for my coworkers so I will just give them to them at work. Truthfully I don’t really have any relatives or close friends that aren’t living close by and I can easily see them to give them cards. Anyway congratulations on finishing your cards and getting them all sent out, I’m sure they will all enjoy the nice warm wishes.


  3. I love the tree skirt! Clever you. Mase is up to the back stitch on his piece too, and not in love with it anymore. I am adding a lot to my plans next year, hoping that I can keep up with Stitch From Stash. Did you get my card? Fawn got hers yesterday, as did some other state-side peeps. x


    1. Thank you, Paula. The original skirt I made about 31 years ago, is the traditional red and green and I just don’t like it anymore. I have probably made 100 of these tree skirts over the years for family, friends and craft sales. I am so happy with how the new one turned out with the new color scheme. It is perfect. I am nearing an end to the backstitching and I can definitely see where Mase is not in love with his piece anymore. Backstitching can do that to a project 😉 I have not received your card as of yet. So sweet of you to send me one all this way. I will be sure to send you one when I get to mine. Hopefully today 🙂 I keep putting it off for some reason, but have to keep on track today. Hugs!

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  4. 10″ of snow!!! I’d say staying in would be at the top of my list too. A perfect day to p-ut one in a perfect sewing mood.
    Your tree skirt is gorgeous. You did an awesome job on it. Your tree area looks like a Christmas village. Your mermaid is so pretty. You’re a very multi talented lady.
    Your dolls are wonderful. 300 Ginny dolls are amazing. What good fun they must be to see and enjoy.


    1. Thank you for stoppin by, E.C. and leaving me such a sweet comment! I am very pleased with my tree and tree skirt and will enjoy it the rest of the year. I am beading on mermaid and will post an update about her very soon 😉 My Ginny dolls are so sweet. I haven’t added to the collection in several years and it seems that some of the bands inside them have broken as I have Ginny’s with wobbled heads and arms laying on the shelves. They will have to be re-strung someday. Another thing I will need to learn to do as it is too expensive to put them in the doll hospital. More snow overnight last night and they say more is on the way. Definitely an indoor weekend this weekend, too.


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