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Progress on the “J”


Hello blogging friends.  Just a quick post to update my progress on the letter “J”.  I finished the cross stitching last night and have moved onto the back stitching.  As you can see, she fits perfectly in my 11 x 11 Qsnaps, so that gives you an idea of the size. And so far she has been a pretty quick stitch.  Warning:  There are lots of fractionals in the fairy.  I think her arms and legs are made up of entirely 1/4 and 3/4 stitches.  But even on aida, it wasn’t difficult.  Just a re-cap-She is one of Nora Corbett’s Fairy Letters and I am stitching her on 16ct Aida Sage from Hand Dyed Fabrics by Stephanie.

Today is cleaning house day, so my break is done and I have to get back to it.  I hope that you are doing something fun, like stitching 🙂  What are you stitching on today?

26 thoughts on “Progress on the “J”

  1. I love the work on the fairy so far. I really hate doing fractions on Aida its such a pain, at least on 14 count it is. Anyway today was my day off work so I’ve done laundry and caught up on a tv show and worked on my piece that I’m turning into a pillow when it’s finished. Now if only my laptop would do its updates….oh well stitching time while I wait.


    1. Thanks, Marilyn. I ended up doing some frogging on it last night, but I hope I am back on track for tonight 🙂 I didn’t like the green underskirt. I guess my instructions didn’t list that symbol on the dress part and I picked it up from the letter part. The green really bugged me, so now it is a darker pink and I like it much more.


  2. Very pretty, Ginny! I do like the conversion colors.
    I’ve never made fractional stitches before, so thank you for mentioning them — they’re something I can try next in my cross-stitch journey! 🙂


    1. Thank you, Anita. I ripped out the green under her dress last night as it just was not looking right to me. I re-stitched with a darker pink and it looks better. Fractionals have never bothered me before. Even on Aida with my Chenille needle. But they can be a pain when a small area is full of them, like her arms and legs. And that is what made ripping out the green area so difficult. But it’s done and I hope to finish up the back stitching tonight and start the beading.

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      1. The ripping out of tiny stitches sounds like a pain. 😅 I’m glad you got a better result with the dark pink, though. 🙂 Looking forward to the finished J.


  3. I’m new to the blogosphere. Anyway, I love this piece and the aida cloth color too! Do you prefer the tool you use verse a hoop when stitching?

    I was stitching earlier, on a birth sampler for a friend. But dinner time. Time to feed the little one, and myself. 🙂

    Anyway, I love this piece.


    1. Thank you araiofstitches4u. It turned out to be a beautiful piece. It’s still sitting in my dining room against the wall because I haven’t wanted to put it away until the holidays roll around. Not just yet. I actually prefer to use a scroll frame, but wanted to give the Qsnaps another try. I don’t like holding anything in my hand to stitch, as I like to use both hands. Using a scroll frame allows me to do that by resting it on my knee. But the Q-snap worked out ok for the small letters. I like using a hoop when working on an afghan. Thank you for visiting and welcome to the big black hole, aka the blogging world, LOL.


      1. lol…thank you for the welcome! I bought the qsnaps for something else, but haven’t tried it for stitching. I have to. I don’t care for the hoops b/c they crush the stitching, especially the delicate stitching.

        I know, I have a piece I stitched…I turned my daughter’s artwork into a cross stitched piece. It came out great…a gift for my husband, it was a family portrait. Anyway, it’s not hung up yet and still sits here :(. If he doesn’t put it up soon, I will! lol . Keep on stitching!!!


      2. You will have to try them. Lots of people like them and I thought they worked well for a smaller project. I use pieces of felt under the locking pieces and I think that you could probably use a piece of felt in your hoop also. To protect the stitching. I know how it is waiting for hubby to hang something. I end up hanging things myself because I just can’t wait to see them on the wall. Go hang it, girl! Admire your work on the wall! Have a great week.


      3. Thanks for the felt suggestion. I’ll try it. Oh…i’ve hung things on my own. Funny b/c I just got off the phone with him and he says “you tend to hang things in random places”. So I told him, “then hang it. I don’t care where (not as picky as him I guess), but just hang it.” lol.


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