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So Many Beautiful Stitchings, So Little Time

Hello blogging friends.  The days are flying by.  I guess it is true that once Halloween is over, the holidays are just about here.  Thanksgiving is almost here and then it will be Christmas and I haven’t even begun to plan.  So, I will think about my stitching instead 🙂

Wherefore Art Thou progress 1

If you remember my last post, I was so excited to get caught up on a couple of SAL’s.  So while I waited for the next sections, I worked on this beauty.  This is Nora Corbett’s Wherefore Art Thou piece that I picked up again.  I am stitching on 16ct Aida Pink Impatiens  from Silkweaver . I just love the colors in this one.  So rich and elegant.  I have just put her aside to get back to the Sampler.

Sampler half of november finished

I have finished one row of the November section.  I have another row to go and then I will be ready for the December section, which will be out before I know it.  And today the last section of the Chandelier was released, so I had better get stitching!  I want to stitch on them all and also on the other WIP’s that have not seen the light of day in such a long time.  But I am making progress, and progress is progress 🙂

IMG_2076 (2)

On Wednesday of this week, we had our first frost.  And today is quite cold.  I am now wearing a winter coat and not happy about it.  I guess winter is here.  Even though it is cold today, the sun is shining and that makes me happy.  So what are you up to today?

13 thoughts on “So Many Beautiful Stitchings, So Little Time

  1. Your cross stitch projects are so pretty. I’ve never done a SAL so I have a question, I hope you don’t mind my asking, The top photo SAL, do you know what it’s going to be or is it a something that you find out as your stitch along? It looks lovely whatever it’s going to be.
    The second cross stitch project is really amazing, it just gets more and more majestic with each addition you make.
    Your frost photo is beautiful. It would be a wonderful greeting card photo. Goodness, you all got a heavy frost, it almost looks like snow. Yep, it does look like winter has arrived in all it’s frosty glory.
    Take care and stay warm.

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    1. I don’t mind your questions, E.C. All of the SAL’s that I have done have been mystery SAL, so I didn’t know what it was going to look like until the end. The top one, Wherefore Art Thou, we could guess that it was going to be Juliet from the introduction about it. But we didn’t know what she would look like. It was introduced in 2016, so I do know what she looks like as many people have finished her and posted in the Facebook Group. The second one, the Mystery Sampler, is also one that we will find out what each section looks like as we stitch it. I am not disappointed in this one at all and already want to do the 2018 one, too.
      Winter is definitely here. I have been wearing my winter coat for the last 3 days now and I am not happy about it. I think it being a bit tight also has something to do with it, but I don’t even want to get started with that, LOL. You stay warm also and thank you for visiting and asking me questions 🙂

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      1. Thanks so much Ginny
        I’ve been wondering about that. I appreciate you explaining it. You’re a peach. 😀
        We’ve warmed up again. I got to wear my coat a couple days days last week. So our region is in some kind weird weather patterns. :/

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  2. It’s a good idea to stitch when one realizes they need to make all these plans! 😉
    I like how Wherefore Art Thou is coming up, and wonder how it looks when done. Looking forward to your updates!
    I can’t believe the sampler and chandelier are almost ready! Gosh I can’t wait to see them finished.

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    1. I agree, Anita. I don’t have a finished picture of Wherefore Art Thou without grabbing someone’s piece that has finished it. It was a Mystery SAL, so no finished picture from the designer. Hopefully I will finish it in not too long a time so you can see her beauty. Yep, the Sampler and chandelier are almost finished. Before the end of the year I hope to have them both completed. Fingers crossed 😉

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    1. I know what you mean, Nicola. Sometimes it can be overwhelming at the number of projects we have going or want to get going on. I am trying to take them one at a time and telling myself that even a little progress is more than before. So yes, progress is progress no matter how much 🙂 Have fun stitching your projects.


  3. Wherefore Art Thou is so pretty.
    Still loving the Sampler SAL too.
    I am still plugging away on a crocheted Packer afghan for my nephew.


  4. Indeed, the holidays are nearly here. I have 4 weeks to go before we head to our holiday destinations.
    Wherefore Art Thou is stunning, such deep and rich colours.
    I am still in love with your sampler. 🙂
    And stay warm, even though it seems your days have turned wintery. It is very hot here, and we expect to lovely but very hot summer.
    Enjoy the week, and happy stitching.


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