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Welcome 2018!

Happy New Year, my blogging friends!  I do wish you all a wonderful, happy, healthy 2018.  I just love starting a new year.  It’s a blank page to make it what you want; to make those lists of things to do, (and not do) and what we want to accomplish in the new year.  It is also my birthday month, so I am a little partial to January 😉  I have made my list of New Year Resolutions and things I would like to do this year.  It is a really long list and I intend to work very hard at accomplishing all of my goals.  Some of the things at the top of my list are to eat healthier by cooking more, get my butt on the tread mill, clean and purge my entire house (I got a good start in December) eliminate a lot of knitting and scrapbooking stash and to finish cross stitch WIP’s.  I have been pretty good at working on WIP’s this last year, so hopefully that will continue into the new year.  So, let’s get to the stitchy stuff.  I finished the Mystery Sampler from Linen and Threads.



I put the last stitch in just minutes before midnight on Christmas Eve.  I really, really enjoyed this stitch all year long and am so pleased with my color selections.  If you are seeing this for the first time, I stitched this on 16ct Aida Castleview by Silkweaver.  I stitched with Sullivan’s variegated London Fog and DMC 3888.  And a special thank you to the gals that donated some 3888 floss to me so that I could finish this project.  I chose this floss from my DMC cabinet and didn’t realize that it was a color that was offered in a box of new colors that have not been added to the DMC line.  So  I really appreciate the gals helping me out.  If you are interested in stitching this, the pattern sections are FREE from Linen and Threads and they are still available on their website.  They have also started a new Mystery Sampler for 2018, for FREE,  and I have a feeling it will be just as gorgeous as this one.  The January section is up on the website.  I can’t wait for my threads to get here and to get that special piece of fabric so I can get started on it.  Here is another angle of my finished piece.


I have put a few stitches into my newest start, White Angel Trumpet, by Nora Corbett.

White Angel Trumpet progress

So far this has been a very nice, relaxing stitch.  I am stitching her on 16ct Aida, One of a Kind from Fantasy Dyed Fabrics.

That is all for now.  I do hope to blog more this year.  I’d love to say that I will be create a new post every week, but I think I would totally fail at that one right off the bat.  So I will post when I can and share what I am up to 😉  So what are your goals for 2018?  I’d love to hear about them.  I will leave you with a gorgeous winter sunset I saw last night 🙂 I am still thinking about the gorgeous pinks and purples and oranges and what a wonderful piece of fabric that would be.

IMG_2495 (2)

22 thoughts on “Welcome 2018!

  1. The Mystery Sampler is awesome. Pretty neat how you finished the stitching just in time for Christmas Day.
    Your work is wonderful. I look forward to another year of visiting here with you on your blog and seeing your beautiful creations.
    Wishing you a Very Happy New Year and a Very Happy Birthday!


  2. The SAL piece turned out nice, so pretty in those colors.
    Great start on the NC.
    I hope you have fun sorting and meeting your goals for 2018.
    Happy New Year!!


    1. Thank you, Marilyn. I am quite happy with the Sampler and can’t wait to start the 2018 one. Still waiting on threads and fabric. It will be a fun start. White Angel Trumpet is coming along nicely. It should be a pretty quick stitch if I can keep up with it. Happy New Year to you also, and I hope it is a healthy, happy and fun one.


  3. The finished Sampler turned out plain gorgeous, Ginny (as I knew it would!) 😉 Can’t wait for this year’s sampler updates from you. I’ve joined the SAL as well, though I’m yet to cast on my first stitch.
    White Angel Trumpet looks good already, and I’m looking forward to your progress. ☺
    Happy 2018, and hope you accomplish all your goals. (And happy birthday in advance as well!)


  4. I have loved watching that sampler come to be this year. It is stunning!

    I hear you about clearing out and eating more healthily. Good resolutions to have!

    That sunset! I adore winter sunsets, but I think of them on fiber or yarn, not fabric! 😉


    1. Salpal1, I really enjoyed stitching the sampler and am happy you enjoyed watching it come to life. I hadn’t thought about sunsets in yarn. I will have to keep my eyes open in the future 😉

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  5. Happy New Year to you and you are so clever and talented Ginny. I too have made up my mind to finish off WIPs (mostly card making in my case) and have started knitting a throw out of all my spare and left over yarn – hopefully to be completed in time for next winter! lol. xx


    1. Thank you, Mogsya ❤ Card making is on my list this year as I really slacked off last year. Good luck with yours and I do hope you get that throw knitted up before next winter. I am looking forward to seeing it 🙂 A great idea for all of those leftover yarnies.


  6. Wishing you a beautiful and wonderful 2018. May it be a stunning year with lots of crafty goodness.
    I absolutely adore the sampler. I knew from the start it would be amazing, and it is even prettier seeing it in total like that. 🙂 Inspirational indeed.
    Keep warm there and look forward to Spring. xx


  7. Thank you, Joey ❤ I wish you an amazing 2018 as well. The sampler turned out so beautifully. I am really happy with my color choices and this last weekend I put it in for framing. I am looking forward to Spring, though today's temp is supposed to get to 42 degrees and tomorrow 53! WOW! But then this weekend is bringing a big snow storm, so I need to get out and enjoy it while I can. Enjoy your Summer and happy crafting 🙂


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