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Only One More Section To Go

November section of Mystery Sampler

Wow!  I can’t believe that there is only one more month to go with this Sampler!  I finished the November section last night.  I have enjoyed stitching on this one and I am looking forward to seeing what the December section is. In case you are interested, this is a FREE pattern from Linen and Threads.  This one is the 2018 Mystery Sampler and you can download all of the patterns to create this beauty.  I believe the 2017 Mystery Sampler is still on their website, too and I am hearing that there will be a 2019 one also. All for FREE.  So wonderful for them to do this.  I am stitching this one on 16ct Aida OOAK from Fantasy Dyed Fabrics.  It is more of a peach color with gray.  I just can’t seem to capture the true color of this one on camera.  I am using DMC threads 53 and 310.  I love the look of the threads on this one and I can’t wait to unroll it and see all of it at once.  But next year I am thinking of using just one color.  What will it be???

And this morning, this is what I woke up to:


And it is still snowing 😦  I am definitely not ready for winter and this white stuff.  It’s a good thing that I have lots of projects to work on 😉  Now to decide what project I will pick up this afternoon…I am still nursing the elbows, but I am really itching to pick up the hook and crochet on the blanket…

So what are you working on today?

26 thoughts on “Only One More Section To Go

  1. This is so pretty, love the color combination.
    Almost done!!
    We woke up to the white stuff too here in WI.
    I finished the ornaments, and am now crocheting an infinity scarf.
    Getting colder out, now I have the itch to crochet! 🙂

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  2. Ugh!!! Snow! So glad you have your pretty stitching to keep you busy! We are getting a storm tonight but here by the coast, it is all rain. Snow coming next week. Too soon! But I have knitting.

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  3. This is such a lovely sampler, you will miss it, though it sounds like you are preparing for the next one! I can’t believe you have had snow already! I’m trying to prepare for my first ‘real’ summer in years!

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    1. Thank you, Catherine ❤ I will definitely miss this sampler. It has been such a joy to stitch. Looking forward to the next one. We woke up to another inch of snow again this morning 😦 With 2 snowfalls this early in the season, I am not looking forward to winter. I am already looking forward to Spring.

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  4. Well done on the stitching. It is going so fast. I love it, specially the cute old school mermaids.
    Take care of your elbow, and just go with the flow and the snow. 🙂 Time is going by so quickly lately, before you know it, it will be Spring already.
    It is extremely hot here in Johannesburg today, we have had heatwave warnings already. So just sit down, close your eyes, and imagine you are sitting here in the sun while you stitch. 🙂 (hope the image helps to warm you too)
    Have fun and take care.


    1. Thank you, Joey ❤ I can't believe there is only one more section left on this sampler. I am still not knitting or cricketing, as the elbows are still sore. Obviously I have to use them everyday, so not sure when they are going to be better. One of the gals at the knit shop that I visit, has been dealing with her tendonitis for over a year. Ugh, I don't want to go through that. I first developed tendonitis while going to Curves, a Women's workout place, several years ago. I don't remember how long it took for them to heal back then. I am sure it was quite a while, as I remember going to Curves with my elbow braces on. So trying to be patient, but not. We have had more snow, so now I am imagining sitting in the sun stitching with you 🙂 I do hope that your weather has become more bearable and that that the heat warnings are done. Take care, enjoy your summer and happy stitching.

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      1. 🙂 I can not believe it either. This year has gone so fast, and I will say, looking at our projects and wips, we mostly had a very busy time stitching and crafting. Only this time of the year the office gets way to busy. But it is now only a matter of weeks and I will be on summer break. 🙂
        Glad you hear you are being so good, and only using the elbows for normal duties, and waiting with the hobbies. Even though I am pretty sure it can be very hard. I always want to knit, or crochet, and when I can not, the “need” is even bigger. 🙂
        I will keep my fingers crossed for a speedy recovery, but with winter on hand, it may be slow, with the cold and all.
        Good for you, imagine sitting in the sun here. Hope it is helping. Yes, still heatwave here, and very hot. I can hear the gardeners at the office are all out in full force, working the trees and lawns. Must be nice to be working outside most of the day, even if hot.
        Have a wonderful week, happy stitching and keep warm there.

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    1. Thank you, Craftingwithmomma ❤ You should definitely print off those patterns for a future project. We have had 2 significant snowfalls already and it is not even Thanksgiving yet. I am getting out today and enjoy the clear weather and what little sun there is out there. Enjoy your weekend.


      1. Oh goodness, our snow melted the same day which was lovely but we have a few days of it coming in the forecast so I’m sure it will be here to stay soon enough. Thank you, enjoy your weekend and hopefully clear weather!

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    1. No worries. We blog when we can 😊 About now, I am sick of winter and really looking for an early Spring. Though next week is supposed to be really cold and we have more snow coming this weekend. Enjoy your weekend!

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      1. oh no sorry you are getting more snow. We have had a cold few days last week’s or so. Still cold but I guess were I come for I find it getting a little better at least it isn’t -30 C° anymore.

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