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Summertime Stitching

Hello my friends!  The summer is getting away from me and I know it’s been a little while since I last posted.  Our basement has come along nicely.  The waterproofing is done, the construction is done, it has been painted and carpeted, finally.  It is furnished with a couple of chairs and tv.  Office furniture has been put together and the computer and printer set up and files in the filing cabinets.  Mostly my cross stitch patterns, but some files, too, LOL.  Book shelves have been put together and books on the shelves.  They were filled pretty quickly with both hubby’s and my book collection.  And my Scrapbook cabinets have been brought down and filled with the scrapbooks.  The only thing left to do is get the doors sanded as they don’t fit now with the carpeting, and go through all the bins and boxes in the garage and bring down what we want stored in the storage room.  That will be a slow process as it has been so hot in the garage, and up and down 3 floors is taking a toll on my knees.  But it will get done.

I have been stitching whenever I get a chance.  Mostly evenings and when I am not so tired.  So I will share what I have worked on the last month or so.

Wherefore art thou progress 3

Nora Corbett’s Wherefore Art Thou came out for a little bit and I got quite a bit done on her.  Hopefully the next time I pull her out I will get her finished.  I am stitching her on 16ct Aida, a one of a kind from Fantasy Dyed Fabrics.  I am using all hand dyed threads on this one.

wingspan progress

I haven’t worked on this one in a few weeks, but so far so good on this one.  It is the famous WingSpan Shawl by Kyle Vey.  There are about 45-50 rows on my needles, even though it does not look like it.  I have finished row 24-1 and am looking forward to getting back to this one.  I am knitting this one for someone and maybe I will get it done before X-mas, LOL.    I have ordered yarn from Blue Brick to make one for myself, and hopefully I can get through this pattern without any problems and want to do it again for me.  The yarn I am using on this one is Mirasol’s Qulla in Moonlight colorway.  This pattern is available on Ravelry if you want to give it a go.

mermaids garden mkal

A couple of weeks ago I joined the Mermaid’s Garden MKAL from Softyarn Designs.  At first I thought my knitting was too loose.  I was getting gauge, but it just seemed off for me.  Not sure why, as it is a mystery and  I really didn’t know how it was supposed to look.  So after about the 5th start, I decided to keep going and busted butt to get caught up this week.  I am LOVING this shawl!  I’ve learned some new stitches with this one like Sea Urchins, Little Sea Shells and stitches that look like mermaid scales.

close up of mermaid shawl 2

I can’t wait for Clue #4 to come out tomorrow, and then the final Clue #5 next week.  So there is still time to get in on this one.  It is available on Ravelry. The yarn I am using is Mermaid’s Ass from A Whimsical Wood Yarn Co.  How appropriate, right?  I also purchased some yarn from AJHC Wools in DK in Tawaret colorway to make this one again.  It is a mauve color with some blue/purples specks throughout, but more of a solid color.

2019 Mystery sampler progress

I added the June section (lower left corner) to the 2019 Mystery Sampler from Linen and Threads.  I am stitching this on 16ct Graceful Gray from Wichelt and using DMC 3810 and Gloriana thread in Rainforest.

sunflower pillow progress 2

And in between all the projects, I have worked on the pillow.  I don’t want to show all of my progress because I want it to be a surprise for the recipient.  This one goes slow, with so much confetti stitching.  But it is really growing on me and I am liking the colors right now.  So bright and cheery.

I have also put a tiny few stitches into a new afghan project, but there really isn’t much to show on that one, so I will share when I have more to show.  I have also tried my hand at Tunisian Crochet, but not having a lot of luck with it.  As with all of my crochet, my edges are wonky and I still struggle with where to insert my hook.  I have 2 more classes left, so I’ll see what I can absorb and if it will finally click with me. My teacher, Jen, says I can do it, so I keep trying.  Wish me luck!

So that is what I have been doing with my summer so far.  What fun projects are you working on?

21 thoughts on “Summertime Stitching

    1. Thank you, Paula. The new clue for the shawl will come out today! I can’t wait to get back to it. Wherefore Art Thou is a lovely piece. I wish I had done mine in DMC instead of the dyed threads. The coverage on 16ct is not good. But from a distance she looks beautiful. She is s definite add to stash piece 😉


  1. Glad you got the big project done.
    Take it easy in this hot weather carrying those boxes up & down!
    Love Where For Art Thou, can’t wait to see this finished, the colors are beautiful.
    What a cool Mermaid SAL.
    I also finished a big house project.
    I painted the 2 big downstairs rooms & cleaned, shampooed, & re-organized them too.
    I had to wash the walls first because the former owners were chain smokers. 😦
    I stitched up some Patriotic smalls, now I am going through stsah to fins some Fall/ Halloween stitching.
    Not sure why, but I love Fall, maybe get a head start?
    Have a great weekend!


    1. Thank you, Marilyn. I remember reading about your big project. I bet it all looks amazing. Like a new place. We are loving the basement. Wanting to do the rest of the house, but that is going to have to wait a while. I applaud you for doing it all yourself. I wish I had the confidence and the energy to tackle it. I think it is a great time for Fall stitching. You will be finished by the time it gets here. Happy Stitching!


  2. I don’t know why but “Mermaid’s Ass” sounds so funny to me 😀 I love looking at your projects Ginny, they always inspire me to get stitchin’ too 🙂 I am experiencing a thing for knit shawls lately so … is the “Mermaid’s Ass” a shawl by any chance?


    1. You are too funny, Paardje! Mermaid Ass is going to be a shawl. It is the Mermaid’s Garden MKAL on Ravelry, by Lena Mathisson. I seem to be obsessed with shawls. I have been collecting lots of pretty shawl patterns. You can follow my progress on IG, too. I am stitchingginny 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  3. It’s wonderful to learn that your basement is now mostly done, Ginny! Feels like a long time ago when you’d mentioned the problems there… Do take your time moving things back.
    The cross stitches are all lovely. I’d love to see Wherefore Art Thou when it’s finished, I’ll bet it’ll look just gorgeous with your selection of frame!
    The WingSpan shawl is coming along nicely. Fingers crossed from me too that it’ll be done by Christmas. 🙂 The Mermaid shawl has lovely colors. Good that you continued with it in spite of the off feeling! Lol at the name of the yarn, but yes, it’s very apt. 🙂
    Good luck for the remaining Tunisian crochet classes, I’m sure it’ll click.


    1. Thank you, Anita. Feels like a long time that we have been working on the basement. Since January, actually. I bring down what I can in a day. Working on getting the concrete dust off of everything and getting everything put back in place is slow going, but that’s ok. Hopefully I can get Wherefore Art Thou finished this year. I’m not pushing it, but Iam on the last page of it when I get back to it. I’m also looking forward to getting back to WingSpan one of these days, but I have to have complete silence, no distractions and hold my breath each row, LOL. I am looking forward to my next Tunisian class and hoping I can get it figured out. I’ll keep you posted 🙂

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  4. Holy cow, you have been busy!!! I am glad you are almost done with the basement project, that must feel good.

    All your stitching projects are gorgeous! I love the mermaids ass!


  5. Thanks, Salpal1. With this humidity and all the steps, slow and steady is key to getting all the boxes and things down to the storage room. Not in a hurry as of yet. We have company coming in September, so want to be all finished by then. I love the mermaid ass, too, even though it doesn’t show the stitches as well as I would like. The colors are beautiful. Hope all is well with you and you are getting stitching done and keeping cool.


  6. You are incredibly busy. The mermaid shawl is stunning, that yarn is perfect and your stitches are so neat. It’ll be one to show off when it’s done!


  7. Thank you, MrsCraft ❤ I am loving the mermaid shawl, though I had quite the mishap with the sea urchins last night. And part of my lifeline pulled out :O I have ripped back and unknitted the row with my lifeline and I do think I am back on track. I am not sure what I did, but my Sea Urchins didn't look right and I ended the row with an extra stitch 😦 So I will give it another try today. Fingers crossed it works out this time.


  8. Wow, the basement sounds great. A lot of work done already. Well done. Hot weather to tackle such a big job, but when winter comes, it will be all done and you can sit there and enjoy and hibernate.
    Great projects, so good to see you still make time for some happy stitching and crafting even when its so hot and you are working so hard there too. As long as you look after yourself and rest up too.
    All the best with the Tunisian crochet, I have not mastered it either yet. 🙂
    Have a wonderful week.


  9. Yes, Joey. It has been quite hot and humid here. But this week we should be getting relief with temps in the 80’s and low or no humidity. I’m taking my time going through boxes and sorting things. Asking that simple little question packed with so much power, “Does this bring me joy?”. LOL I think I have officially given up on the Tunisian Crochet. For now anyway. It’s not enjoyable, so I will put it aside for now. Hope all is well with you. Enjoy your week as well ❤


  10. Good news about your basement. i know you and your husband are probably thankful to see it being closer to it’s finish in sight.
    ‘Wherefore Art Thou’ is looking great.
    I can hardly wait to watch your updates on the ‘WingSpan Shawl’. Oh my, I wish I could rod-knit skillfully enough to makes such a beautiful piece.
    Your other shawl is going to be lovely. Your new stitches are really pretty.
    Nice progress on your 2019 Mystery Sampler.
    The daisy pillow is looking like a field of pretties.
    I wish you luck with Tunisian crochet. As creative as your are, i figure you’ll catch on to it before long.
    I hope you have a wonderful rest of the week!


  11. Thank you, E.C. Hubby is loving the basement. Mostly his man cave. Our computer is down there, so I do spend a good amount of time down there. Just the storage room left to fill, but I am afraid that is on hold right now as my knees are not doing well. It will get done in time. I haven’t touched the wingspan since the photo, but am hoping maybe to pick it up today, as I am now caught up with the mermaid shawl until the final clue comes out Friday. I have given up on the Tunisian Crochet for now. Just can’t seem to grasp it. It’s ok. I have plenty to keep me busy. 😉 Do you not like circular needles? I think the wingspan is probably too big to put on straight needles. I hope you find some fun things to do this week. Happy stitching!

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    1. I hope your knees feel better soon. Take it easy and relax awhile, you’ve earned it. You are busy busy. 🙂
      Knitting with rods was a short lived experience for me, I don’t have the talent nor skills for it. However, I loom knit. I have better luck with the looms than I did the rods. I crochet quite a bit, I’m faster and more comfortable with it.
      Have a pleasant day of stitching.


      1. Thank you, E.C. So far today I have taken my Mom around. So not to strenuous. The rest of the day will be spent knitting, or cross stitching 😉 I agree that crochet is much faster than knitting. Wish I could be better at it. But I am happy with knitting. To each his own, right? Whatever makes us happy 🙂

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