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Taming The Scatters Of Yarns

Good afternoon my friends! My third post in three days! Can you believe it? Today I want to talk about my yarn mess. I had yarn scattered all over the house. There are several bins of yarn in the storage room. They will stay there as they are mostly my cheaper yarns from the big box stores.

I had yarn in a trunk, which started out to just contain all of my mini skeins from AJHC Wools. It was overflowing with full skeins as well.

I had yarn in the ottoman in the basement.

The lid wouldn’t even close all the way anymore. I also had yarn in the recently abandoned file drawers in the basement.

I had stuffed so much yarn in one of the drawers, that it would no longer open and hubby had to take it apart. A tag from one of the yarns had gotten stuck and wouldn’t allow the drawer to open and the bottom of the drawer was pushed off of the track. Ooops!

I also had yarn in bins on top of my scrapbook cabinets that were over flowing. I also have a rolling cart with drawers that were all stuffed to the max. Yarn everywhere!

So I really wanted to gather my hand dyed yarns and get them in some kind of order and together. So after talking to a friend a few weeks ago, and hearing about her storage, I was getting very excited about doing something for my yarn. I thought about it for a few days and I decided to go with the cube storage with bins.

So hubby and I searched on line for something that wasn’t expensive as it would be in my laundry room; the only space in the house. And not really space as it meant taking out my 4 scrapbook storage units. So we found some that we liked at Target. So we ordered and picked them up. Hubby put them together and I put all the bins inside the cubes.

I LOVE it!! So neat and tidy. And then I was worried that all of the yarn I wanted to put in the bins would not all fit. But actually, it did! I even have 1 empty bin.

A couple of the bins have a specific dyer’s yarn and the rest of the bins are by yarn weight. I also ordered some metal tags for the bins, but had to wait for them to be delivered by mail.

I just love how it all turned out. So neat, organized and all together. Sorry about the side photos, but there is only a couple of feet between the storage and my washer and dryer. So that is why the photos are off kilter. Just a FYI…the 4 bins on top of the yarn storage are full of photos that I have yet to scrapbook :O I also have a 5th box in my craft room. Sheesh! I am so behind. As for the 4 scrapbook storage units…they are…um…in my…….living room. They are full of scrapbook kits and paper. Some day I will get to them. They may end up in the garage. But for now they are in the living room. I don’t mind. Hubby doesn’t mind and no one is coming over to visit while there is a pandemic.

So, do you have some new storage for your stash?

9 thoughts on “Taming The Scatters Of Yarns

    1. Thank you, Marilyn. I had to chuckle at your comment. I do have 2 31 Bags bins full of Stylecraft yarn in a closet. And still have several tubs of yarn on shelves in the storage room. Some day I will get to all of my yarn. Whether it is to finally make a project I had planned for it, or to realize that I just don’t love it anymore and get rid of it, LOL


    1. Thank you, Anita. I love the new storage. Of course I have bought more yarn, LOL. I can’t resist! But I did find a bag full of yarn in the storage room that contained all of my scarf yarns. So I poured them into the new bin and put a few of the bulky yarns in the bulky yarn bin. So right now, all of the bins are full or near full. But it was so fun revisiting the yarns. I have so many projects swirling in my head.

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    1. Thank you, toomanystitches. Sounds like you have had an overflowing drawer 😉
      I am surprised you noticed a portion of my thread storage. I tried so hard not to get it in the photo, but just had to give up trying. I have 2 DMC cubes, with drawers, there that hubby bought for me last year. They hold my specialty threads, in no organized way, LOL One has all of the sections in the drawer full, the other has lots of empty space. They are for commercial use, so I need to figure out how to maximize the space in the drawers. They have large sectioned trays in them so that stores could fill each section with many of the same thread. And there are not many sections in the trays. Someday I will come up with a better use for them.

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      1. Apologies for the inner thread-magpie spotting it! Embroidery threads are always a pain to store but they do look quite cool. I’d love to have a thread wall for this reason, even if it isn’t super practical.

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