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Two Finishes For June

Hello my blogging friends! We are over halfway through June already! The days are just flying by. The last 2 months we have had some work done in our back yard, so maybe that is why the days have gone by so quickly. But I am still filling my days with crafting. In fact, I have 2 finishes this month so far. On June 1, I finished Mermaid Perfume! Yay!

Mermaid Perfume

Please excuse the wrinkles. I was just so excited to finish her and get her photographed on a beautiful sunny day. Sadly, I still have not ironed her. But, having her on the Qsnaps for beading did help pull the fabric and she does not pucker in the middle anymore. That makes me very happy.

Sweet, sweet mermaid

I am really pleased with how she turned out. Again, she is Mermaid Perfume from Mirabilia. I stitched her on 16ct Aida Hidden Cove from Sunny Dyes Fabrics. I am still searching for a framer, so it may be some time before I can get her framed.

My other finish is only a partial finish, but a finish in my book.

Merfolk Fade Shawl

Yep, on June 3 I finished this beautiful shawl. I still need to block it and weave in the ends. The table I use for blocking has been covered with all of my cross stitch fabrics for reorganization. And now it is covered with a very large Diamond Dotz I have been working on. So, I hope to get that table cleaned off and get this shawl blocked soon so I can really call it a finish. This shawl was a joy to knit. The pattern was easy to follow and the yarns wonderful. The stats on this one: Merfolk Fade Shawl by Jennifer Owens. The yarn is from Cape May Fiber Co. all in DK weight. Colors are Nessie, Mermaid Mane and Sea Swords.

So right now I have nothing on my knitting needles, but I am going to remedy that soon. And as for cross stitching, I have picked up The Dark Queen of the Seas and am trying to catch up before the next section comes out on July 1. I neglected her while working on Mermaid Perfume exclusively for 14 1/2 weeks. Here is where I was when I picked her up a couple of weeks ago.

Dark Queen of The Seas

And here is where I am now:

Dark Queen Progress

I am working on section 9 at the moment and still have section 10 to do before section 11 comes out on July 1. There are a couple of sections I have decided to leave off; the crown and coral on her head and the top left and right corner ornaments. I like the way she looks without those things. And she is definitely not a mermaid. While I am disappointed in that, I do like her. And I love her face. So, again, she is the Dark Queen of the Seas Mystery SAL from Autumn Lane Stitchery. I am stitching her on 16ct Aida Iris from Fabrics by Stephanie.

So that is what I have been up to. Join me next time for some organization updates 🙂 What have you been up to?

10 thoughts on “Two Finishes For June

  1. well done on two stunning finishes!
    a shame Dark Queen has turned out to be not a mermaid because she’s got a lovely dramatic face, hair and curvy body ^^


    1. Thank you Claire93 ❤ I am quite pleased with both. Hopefully this week I can get the shawl blocked for a full finish 😉
      I was really hoping for a mermaid with the Dark Queen. But after I initially signed up and it said if we wanted to share progress in Instagram to use the #notamermaid, I got the message. She does have a gorgeous face and I am happy that I stitched her. Looking forward to seeing the ending now.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Beautiful finishes, Ginny! I’m glad the puckering problem on Mermaid Perfume is not a problem anymore, and am looking forward to seeing her eventually framed.


  3. Gorgeous work on your sea creatures! Mirabilia Mermaids are always gorgeous and ALS do some great designs too. They did say right from the beginning that she wasn’t a mermaid so I’m not sure why people thought she would be? I do enjoy their videos too. Wouldn’t it be amazing if Nora started doing videos?


    1. Thank you. I did not follow ALS before the Dark Queen was released. Several people thought I would be interested in it as they also thought it would be a mermaid. I didn’t know it was not going to be a mermaid until after I purchased it. In my welcome page from ALS it read if I wanted to share my progress on social media, to use #notamermaid. But then in some of the ALS floss tube video’s they made comments that led me to believe that maybe they were joking and it is a mermaid. It is almost finished now and I am happy with how it looks.


  4. I’ve been reading your updates and so happy to see you blogging again. Your mermaid perfume is lovely and makes me want to stitch a Mira chart soon. Your shawl is gorgeous😍. I love your dark queen!


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