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A Finish Other Than A Framing

Hello Bloggers! So before the holidays, I decided I wanted to make a few cross stitch ornaments. I had only made one ornament back in 2014. You can read about that post here. I had done 2 other flat fold finishes back in 2015 and you can read about those here. I can tell you it can be very nerve racking for me to cut my finished cross stitch, but I decided I wanted to make more ornaments or finishes other than getting pieces framed. I had already purchased extra fabric back in 2014 to make several snowman ornaments, so that is where I started. I had 2 special friends I wanted to make an ornament for so I started there. I did the stitching on both and then they sat. I was so afraid to do the finishing because I was afraid I would mess them up. So I kept putting it off. But then one day I just decided to do it.

Snowmen Love ornament

I actually made 2 of these snowmen ornaments. The pattern is Snow Love from Country Cottage Needleworks. I stitched them on 16ct Aida Dirty. I used white acrylic paint and a toothpick to add the snow after I finished the stitching. The other ornament had a different ribbon and trim. I was so excited to finally get them finished that I quickly packaged the one up for mailing before I realized I didn’t get a photo. So I snapped this one right before wrapping it up and packaging it up. The recipients received them and loved them and I was so happy to get them made. They are the only 2 ornaments I did in 2021. But I have plans for several others for 2022. I should probably get started on them now, LOL. I did make one more flat fold finish item that I will share in my next post.

So what kind of finishes have you done with your cross stitch, other than a framing?

Happy Stitching!


6 thoughts on “A Finish Other Than A Framing

  1. That’s a lovely ornament and very well finished too! I did a post about Fancy Finihses at the end of last year, check that out to see some of mine.


    1. Thank you, Serendipitous Jo. I checked out your Fancy Finishes post and you have some amazing finishes! So creatiive.
      And I have to apologize. I thought I had been following your blog, but I guess I wasn’t. Explains why I had to try to find it. But I am following now and should get notifications when you post. I had fun earlier looking through your past posts.


  2. So cute, Ginny! I love it. Making items for Christmas definitely starts now–the months fly by so fast.
    All of my finishes are without framing, ha! 😉 (Not that I have many.)


    1. Thank you, Anita. The years do seem to go by faster and faster every year. I definitely need to fit Christmas ornament making into this year. My finishes for the last year or 2 have been piling up with not having found a new framer. At this point, they will probably keep piling up.

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