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A Knit Finish and Cross Stitch Progress

Hello my blogging friends! We are expecting severe storms where I am, so I am hoping to get this post in before the storms come. Though it is getting pretty dark out right now.

So, when I finished knitting the last baby blanket, I decided that I wanted to finish the last 2 projects that have been in my WIP pile for the last couple of years. First up is Windsor Mitts. I started the first mitt in November of 2020 and I don’t think that I posted about them. So here is my start from almost 2 years ago.

Windsor Mitts start

A friend gave me this set of teeny tiny circular needles to try and I happened upon the Windsor Mitt’s pattern and it just happened to need this size 2 needle. I was not sure about knitting with this tiny circular, but it turned out that I loved it! So much better than Double Pointed Needles, which you know I hate.

Mitt progress

I was knitting right along with the tiny needles and loved how the pattern was turning out. The yarn is Blue Sky Alpaca and it is so soft.

Looks like it fits!

I just couldn’t wait to try it on. So far so good! so that brings us to where the mitt was when I picked it up a couple of weeks ago. I still had the thumb to do. Ugh! Double pointed needles…

Double Pointed needles for the thumb

I only had to do about 9 rows, so it actually wasn’t so bad. I finished it and then cast on the 2nd mitt with the tiny circular needle.

Knitting in miniature
Finished Mitts

And I finished them! Another project out of my WIP pile and just one more crochet project to go 🙂

For cross stitching, well there are still quite a few projects in that pile. But I will share what I was stitching on in July. First here is the progress I made on Esmerelda.


This is as far as I got on her before putting her away. She is from Bella Filipina Designs and I am stitching her on 16ct Aida Oberon from Fabrics by Stephanie.

And the last project I worked on is the 2022 MSAL from Fox and Rabbit.

And this is how it looked when I put it away to do some crocheting. I really love the colors I chose. I am usually not a fan of red, but this is regal! The fabric is 16ct Aida Winter Wishes from Fabrics by Stephanie and threads are DMC 115 with DMC 902 for outlining the letters.

2022 MSAL

I still have the inner border to finish and the outer border to do. And the August section just came out, so I will need to get busy on it soon. This design is FREE from Fox & Rabbit Designs. New sections come out on the 1st of the month through December.

It is storming now. Thankfully I took these photos this afternoon while the sun was still shining. I will end this post with a sweet photo I took this week of a beautiful little visitor. Until next time, happy stitching!

A Friendly visitor


14 thoughts on “A Knit Finish and Cross Stitch Progress

  1. lovely mitts and xstitching!
    I did some sock knitting on DPNs earlier this year and, while I found them tricky to work with at first, I actually got the hang of it.


    1. Thank you, claire93. I can’t wait to get back to the MSAL. I have been missing my cross stitch the last couple of weeks. I have used DPN’s many times, it just seems like I can see the lines where each needle meets the next. I did well with the thumbs of my mitts, though. Glad you were able to get the hang of them pretty quickly.


  2. Love those mittens!
    Your SAL is looking great.
    Love the little Hummies we have them here too,
    They love to be out in the rain!
    It stormed bad here yesterday.


    1. Thank you, Marilyn. I am so happy to have my mitts done and looking forward to wearing them this year. The hummingbirds do love to be out on cloudy days and in light rain. This year we have been seeing several off and on all day just about every day. They even come when hubby is sitting on the deck reading, just a few feet from the feeder. One even flew over to him and hovered in front of his face, just checking him out. Or trying to let him know the feeder was near empty, LOL


    1. Southern Patches, you are not weird. I know a lot of people who love them. It is all about what is comfortable to us and helps us to enjoy the knitting. I never used to like circular needles, but now I love them and don’t go for the straight needles much anymore. Who knows, maybe some day I will like DPN’s. I did pretty good with the thumbs on my mitts 🙂 I am so happy to have the mitts out of my WIP pile. It was silly not to finish them 2 years ago. One more WIP to get off of my list 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Wow, your MSAL looks amazing–the colors are beautiful! Hope to see more of Esmeralda too. The mitts are pretty, and I too am glad the DPNs were only required for a small section. 🙂


  4. Lovely work on the fingerless mittens, I have become a big fan of them over the last couple of years.
    The DMC 115 is a gorgeous colour and perfect for that sampler.


  5. I wish I enjoyed knitting. Your fingerless mittens are so pretty. They look very comfy and soft.
    Your needlework is gorgeous.
    Love the wee hummingbird. So sweet.
    I hope y’all came through the storm with no damage.


    1. Thank you, E.C. I am so happy I was able to use tiny circular needles to knit these mitts rather than Double Pointed needles for the entire project. They made it so much easier for me.
      We did weather the storm well, thank you.


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