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I Started A New SAL and Project Bags

Hello blogging friends! Spring still has not arrived where I am. Severe weather is in order for today, so I am getting my blogging done early.

In a previous post I told you a little about a new SAL that I signed up for.

The Ocean Pearl Series by Tiny Modernist. The word Ocean grabbed me as well as the cute little mermaid. I showed you that I found fabric in my stash (Bonus!!) and ordered the threads. The fabric is 16ct Aida in color Cascade by Fabrics By Stephanie. I am using the dyed flosses from Classic Colorworks and Weeks Dye Works as well as 3 DMC colors as recommended.

The first section came out on April 1 and I was so excited to get started.

So I was stitching on this project and the hanging threads were driving me crazy. So I pulled out some of my extra clear bobbins from GWStitchinDepot and my label printer.

I don’t think I can be a floss drop stitcher. I know that there is not much floss on Classic Color Works cards, but I don’t like working with them hanging and having to put the floss back through the hole. I am a bobbin girl and I love these clear bobbins that I had purchased a while ago. I had put some CCW threads and Waterlilies threads on these bobbins before, so I already had a file saved in my PT Touch. So all I had to do was open the file, change the text for each color and print them out. I did have to trim them a little so they would fit at the top of my bobbin.

Ahhh. This is so much better! Now I can continue stitching. This is where I am at with Ocean Pearl.

Just look at that cute little seahorse and those little fish! This is a cutesy pattern, but I am really liking it. And I do like stitching with Classic Color Works threads and Weeks Dye Works threads. There is something about stitching one X at a time that feels different, but fun. And of course, a cute mermaid bag for a cute mermaid project. I’m not sure if I showed that bag before or not. These are my favorite project bags from @clevergirldesignsco. She does a beautiful job on her construction and choosing fabrics. At the end of 2022 my husband bought me another year of bags. One a month for a year, but I let Kristine know that she can do them anytime and the last couple of years she has been doing 2 or 3 at a time.

These are my November and December bags plus an added bonus of an extra mermaid tail zipper pull or knitting progress marker. These bags have the vinyl fronts which I LOVE. That way I don’t have to unzip the bag to see what is inside. I have many of these bags and love that I can just flip through them.

Here are my January, February and March bags. This is the front of the bags with the vinyl fronts.

This is the back of the bags. I never have any idea what my bags will look like. They are all a surprise when I get them. But I know they will be beautiful and very well made. Kristine has a knack for putting prints with prints that look amazing together. All of my bags have projects in them. The yellow bag on the right contains my Rainbow Dice project because the colors are so similar.

I recently purchased some pink bins to hold all of my project bags. The other pink bin on the shelf above holds all of my leftover yarn from projects. It is full.

All of my project bags have a kitted project in them. And as you can see in the left bin, I still have to replace some of those little plastic bags with pretty Clevergirl bags. I think by the end of the year I will make that goal.

So that is what I have been up to. How do you store your kitted projects?

Happy Stitching!


10 thoughts on “I Started A New SAL and Project Bags

  1. what gorgeous fabric for the new project!
    and love all your project bags! you certainly have a lot of kits all prepped!


  2. You are so completely organized with your crafting! Would you come here and get me out of my chaos?!
    We’re having summer weather (she sings, hoping to lure you) 🙂


  3. That project is soooo cute, and your fabric is just perfect!
    Love those clear floss bobbins.
    I have some plastic ones I ordered from Amazon that I use.
    Never thought to use my P Touch to label them!
    Your project bags are all so pretty.
    I am finishing up A Token of Love by Blackbird Designs.
    Just need to add the words.


    1. I use my PT Touch to label everything, LOL. Sometimes it is hard to figure it out, so I am glad that I have a few files saved and I can just erase just the text and type new. I love it.
      Sounds like you are close to a finish on your A Token of Love. Happy Stitching.


  4. I love the colors on your new project and yes those dangling threads drive me crazy. What a great idea on storing the project bags. Ok here is how I do mine, don’t laugh. I put them in a large freezer bag and then some kind of tote bag depending on the size. I have them stuffed everywhere. I often forget about them for a year at a time. I love the bins you use. I think I will try something like that. The project bags you use are beautiful.


    1. The colors in my new project are really beachy and fun. I love stitching on it.
      I had 3 different bins for my project bags. 2 matched, the other didn’t. So I saw these pink bins online at Office Depot. They shipped really quick, too. I do have 2 boxes in the basement that are also full of kits. Those kits are in some bags I bought at the Container store and some are plastic ziploc type bags. But I don’t lose them for a year, LOL. It must be fun finding them.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Hey, love to see the progress on your SAL, glad you are enjoying it so much. I love all your projects bags, I myself have few of them. I don’t really kit my projects really. Kind of when I am ready to start something I just go to my fabric stash and most of the time I just convert to using DMC threads.


    1. I hope to have a post on my progress on my SAL. I have finished part 2 and made some fun changes to it. I typically don’t add the DMC floss to my kitted projects until I am ready to start. Sometimes a kit just consists of the pattern and the fabric until start time. It is fun to plan 😉

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