New stash!

Something New

Good morning.  A few weeks ago I picked up an issue of the Cross Stitch Collection magazine.  It had a beautiful fairy on the front and I just had to take a peek inside (that magazine obsession again).

It turns out it is a Joan Elliott pattern and I picked it up thinking I would give her a try.  I haven’t stitched any of her patterns before and thought this fairy was sweet.  So dear hubby took me to a small LNS where we found the perfect hand dyed 28ct Lavender Sunset fabric.  And I found a beautiful 28ct Summer Sky that would be perfect for any Angel or Fairy.  And the best part…hubby purchased the fabrics for me.  What a sweetie.

So now I have yet another project to add to my over-flowing collection.  And I now have 3 beautiful hand dyed fabrics that I can’t wait to stitch on some day.