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Something New

Good morning.  A few weeks ago I picked up an issue of the Cross Stitch Collection magazine.  It had a beautiful fairy on the front and I just had to take a peek inside (that magazine obsession again).

It turns out it is a Joan Elliott pattern and I picked it up thinking I would give her a try.  I haven’t stitched any of her patterns before and thought this fairy was sweet.  So dear hubby took me to a small LNS where we found the perfect hand dyed 28ct Lavender Sunset fabric.  And I found a beautiful 28ct Summer Sky that would be perfect for any Angel or Fairy.  And the best part…hubby purchased the fabrics for me.  What a sweetie.

So now I have yet another project to add to my over-flowing collection.  And I now have 3 beautiful hand dyed fabrics that I can’t wait to stitch on some day.

4 thoughts on “Something New

  1. what a sweet hubby to get you those things. oh almost forgot to say hand dyed fabric look a lot like the one in the picture, it is beautiful


  2. 0_0 !!!! These are GORGEOUS!! The more hand dyed fabrics I see the more I want them. The purple one does look just like the picture, good eye!! I see that’s one of the patterns that were posted on the Joan Elliot blog and I fell in love with it. That one and the new spring face one (I can’t for the life of me remember what it’s called) are ones that I really, really want. I hope you have fun stitching her (or stashing her. Hehe)!!


  3. Really pretty fabrics! Sounds like your husband knows the way to your good side. Mine probably wouldn’t be caught dead in an LNS. Joan Elliott designs are definitely sneaking up on me. I’m going to have to add one to my huge list of WIPs. Thanks for the enabling!


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