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Eye Candy

Good morning my blogging friends.  I don’t have a stitching project to share just yet.  I am hoping next week to show some real progress on my Angel.  Last weekend I visited my LNS to put Mediterranean Mermaid in to be framed and I picked up a few things.  Here is what I found to add to my stash:

I picked up Nora Corbett’s Maidenhair and bead pack.  I love the the way her dress falls into leaves at the bottom.  So pretty.  The fabric is a a hand dyed Jobelan that caught my eye.. er my hand.  It is a stiffer fabric and you know how I like  my fabric to be stiff to accommodate my tight stitching.  I have to admit, I am getting better at relaxing my stitches.  It is 28 ct Stormy Gray and I really like the feel of it.  The hand dye is subtle and I know I will find the perfect pattern to stitch on it some day.  The other thing I purchased is the recent and last issues of Stoney Creek magazine.  I am a magazine freak!  I am better than I was a few years ago and don’t buy every one, but I LOVE magazines and have to look at them all.  So while flipping through the recent issue I came across this:

In case you don’t know, I LOVE FROGS!!  Not the nasty ones that wreak havoc on your stitching, but all others.  And this is just too cute!  And I love the stand that it is displayed on and will have to order that.  Probably won’t get it done for this summer, but had to have it.  The last issue of the magazine featured Spring.  And the next 2 issues will have the Winter and Fall banners.

Enjoy your holiday weekend and remember all those that have served to give us the freedom we have today.

3 thoughts on “Eye Candy

  1. Looks like a great shopping trip. I have some of the hand-dyed jobelon on order — love the colors. I have honestly never seen that Nora design. Can’t wait to see your work in progress on all of this!


  2. That fabric is beautiful!! I haven’t ever done a project on a hand-dyed fabric but I’d love to try one out so I can give my projects a little extra oomph. Hehe


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