Hello.  I’m obsessed with wanting hand dyed fabric right now.  I see other stitchers blog posts showing some beautiful hand dyes and I want some.  My local shops don’t have much to offer and maybe deep down I am really looking for some hand dyed Aida.  I have only stitched on hand dyed once and here is what I stitched:

She is Passione Ricamo’s Galatea mermaid.  I stitched this piece in 2009 on  28 ct Griffon from Sugar Maple fabrics.  I believe that Sugar Maple is no longer in business and I remember it taking about 3 1/2 months to get my fabric.  I recently told someone I thought it might be Silkweaver, but I just found my info on this piece and it was Sugar Maple fabrics that I had so much trouble with.  So I have been a little leery about ordering hand dyes ever since.  But I see so many beautiful fabrics on-line and I’m really itching to get some. I love the colors on this fabric and I am pleased with how Galatea turned out.

Last weekend when I visited my LNS, she recommended Picture this Plus as a good place to find some really nice hand dyes.   I checked them out and they do have some fabulous lovelies!  I’ll have to start making a list.  I did pick up a piece of hand dyed last weekend and Hubby was so sweet and purchased 2 pieces of hand dyed fabric a couple of weeks ago.  I will post them this weekend.

3 thoughts on “Galatea

  1. Once again — beautiful. I, too, am hooked on hand-dyed fabrics. I have bought from SMF and also Silkweaver. My LNS carries a few, but not enough for me. I bought Galatea too, but never have gotten around to starting her. Thanks for sharing!


  2. There are several hand dyed fabric companies to choose from now. Some are out of the US but well worth it. As you mentioned Silkweaver is one however they have had many complaints and are risky as far as long wait times and fabric not looking like the photos on their website, I have heard they have better reviews from their facebook auctions/sales. Also, my favorite is Polstitches. I have ordered from them 3 times now and they have a quick turn around (about 10 days) and the fabrics look very close to the photos and are gorgeous. I have also ordered from Sunny Dyes Fabrics. They have great fabrics and service too but the yellows are too bright and the fat quarter cuts are an inch short. I have also heard good things about crafty kitten and sparklies fabrics, though I have never ordered from them. There is a document on a group in facebook called Mirabilia stitchers that have a list of hand dyed fabric companies to choose from. I love my hand dyeds. Good Luck!


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