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The “O” is Finished!

Hello my blogging friends.¬† Last night I finished the letter “O” in my Joy piece and she turned out quite cute ūüôā


I wish I could capture the true color of the fabric, but I am just not able to.¬† I just love the little peppermint buttons.¬† They really make it feel Christmasy ūüôā


So now I am on to the Y which I put a few stitches in last night.


This photo probably shows the Sage fabric in how looks in person.¬† More green than the gray in the above photos.¬† Some day, I will get some sun and hopefully take some better photos.¬† In case you are just tuning in to this project, I am stitching Nora Corbett’s Fariy Letters on 16ct Aida Sage from Hand Dyed Fabrics by Stephanie and I am using a conversion from The Rocking Horse.¬† So what are you stitching these days?

Today is my birthday, so I am heading out to treat myself to a Tim Horton’s Cappuccino, which I used to drink everyday, but quit on December 7.¬† I had one yesterday and have only had one other since.¬† But since today is my special day, I am going to treat myself.¬† Have a fabulous day and go stitch something!