Mediterranean Mermaid

Good morning.  I am so excited about starting this stitching blog.  Today I am going to share with you one of the many projects I am currently working on.  She is the Mediterranean Mermaid:


I started her sometime last year and picked her back up again yesterday.  I didn’t realize that I am almost done stitching her.  Yeah!!  When I finish the tail I will go back and add all of the outlining and beads.  She is a design form Mirabilia.  She is designed by my most favorite designer, Nora Corbett.  And mermaids are my favorite.  What I like about this design, is that she can be displayed vertically or horizontally.  I plan on displaying her horizontally. I will be so happy to add her to my collection.  Happy stitching.

3 thoughts on “Mediterranean Mermaid

  1. She is gorgeous, Ginny! ~ I’m sure even more so in person! I would have a hard time deciding which way to hang her. I really like the way she’s getting ready to kiss that fish! Maybe she’s hoping he’ll turn into a MerMAN???


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