Angel of Grace

Hello my stitching friends.  I had to give this piece a little love last night.  It is one that has been in my “rotation” for over a year now. It is Angel of Grace by Lorri Birmingham Designs.

She has not been a fun stitch. I had her stitched about down to her hands and realized that she was too far to the left.  I was going to add a Bible verse, but I realized the ribbons on her dress were going to be too far to the left edge.  So…I spent  a lot of time ripping her out.  I had to put her away for a while before I re-started her.  I haven’t stitched on her in a couple of months and thought she needed a bit of tending to last night. She is stitched on 28ct Salmon/Gold Linen banding.  And I must say it is the most UNEVEN fabric I have ever worked on!!!  It was a very expensive piece of fabric and the pattern says that the linen was spun in Ireland and woven in Germany on a 150 year old wooden loom.  Well, it has good history, but it is not fun to stitch on.  I probably purchased this pattern back in 2000 and wanted to stitch it for my Mom.  I was hoping to get it done for Christmas 2011, but now I am hoping for Christmas 2012.

4 thoughts on “Angel of Grace

  1. I think YOU are the ‘angel of grace’ sticking with this one after all of the bumps along the way! She is beautiful; I like the curve and all of the subtle details in her wings!


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