Mediterranean Mermaid is finished!

Hello.  I finished my Mediterranean Mermaid last night.

She is beautiful and sparkly!  I didn’t think I would ever get done beading her.  She is stitched on 16ct Aida Star Saphire.  I am not sure when I will get her framed, but when I do, I will post her again.  Here are a couple of close-up’s of her:

This mermaid was the first piece that I put into rotation January of last year.  After a couple of months of rotating out several projects, I decided I couldn’t have a bunch of un-finished projects.  So I have been stitching between this one and the Angel of Grace.  Now that mermaid is done,  the Angel is my next project.

7 thoughts on “Mediterranean Mermaid is finished!

  1. the answer to my gravataar is the shepherd boy of the Mar Bek nativity set, that’s all i have
    for now. I just finish him right before Christmas 2011, I’m working on her prayer angel right now
    and most likely go back and do another panel


  2. Oh WOW Ginny! This is gorgeous! A true labor of love and so much care put into each and every stitch … I can appreciate the time it took to complete this project. It’s nice to see you “re-claiming” your love of needlework. I can’t wait to see more!


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