Mirabilia Round Robin


Hello my friends.  I finally have a finish to share with you today.

It’s Donner on Sophia’s RR.  I have been working on him all month.  With my back and sciatica giving me problems, I didn’t think I would get him finished by the deadline, but I finished him late last night.  And with a week to spare.  Here is the entire piece:

Sophia stitched all of the squares and those of us in the group are just stitching the reindeer-minus the beads and treasures.  This piece is so awesome.  I can’t wait to see this piece finished.  The fabric is perfect and sparkly.  This was a joy to stitch on.  Even with my back problems.  Thanks for visiting.

4 thoughts on “FINALLY, A FINISH!

    1. Thanks. I can only take credit for Donner. The others are awesome too. Every time I see your avitar, I am reminded to get that Nativity project out and post it and get some work done on it.


    1. Thanks, Johanna. I won’t say it is, because as soon as I say it feels better, then it doesn’t. So far this morning, it feels like an ok day. Have to get in my car and drive for 20 minutes, so that will be my clue for how the rest of the day goes. I am ready to send the reindeer on whenever you want me to. I know you have deadlines and I don’t want to add to your things to do before you are ready.


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