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Awesome Grassy Wreath

I don’t have a cross stitch to share.  Not even a knitting project, but I do have a project to share that uses yarn.

Isn’t this cool?  My  friend Lori  sent me a link for this a couple of month’s ago.  I started this project last month and finally finished it today.  It was a DIY project and you can find all the info at and search for Spring Wreath.   I tried to put a direct link, but I couldn’t get it to work and my IT man is out of town.  Basically I purchased a 12″ foam floral wreath (the directions say 8″ but I wanted mine a little bigger).  And then the fun begins…wrapping 3 skeins of fun fur yarn around the wreath, tightly to form “grass”.  I finally finished my wrapping last night.  Then I purchased 1 yard of daisy trim.  I clipped each daisy apart and inserted a quilting pin with a yellow head to match the yellow center of my daisies.  I wanted pink daisies as per the original instructions, but couldn’t find pink in my local stores.  Then I stuck them into the wreath.  Not all the way, but raised a little so it looks like they are laying on the grass.  I printed the sign saying on the computer and die cut it out with Stampin’ Up!’s Apothecary Accents Framelits.  I distressed the edges with a sponge and brown ink, stamped a couple of flowers on it and  glued a portion of a skewer to the back so I could stick it into the wreath.  I had these Jolee’s foam Flip Flops for some time and knew they would come in perfect for this project.  Here is a close up:

I tied a length of ribbon around the top and it is now hanging on my front door.  Thank you Lori for passing this idea on to me.  I just LOVE it!! I am leaving mine on my front door all summer as it will remind me what grass is supposed to look like when there is enough rain.  Hehe.  Thanks for visiting.

6 thoughts on “Awesome Grassy Wreath

  1. AHHH!!! What a great surprise to see this post! You know I had such great intentions on making myself one…even got the yarn and the daisies…just didn’t get around to digging out my wreath form (or just making one on a board like I was mentioning to you!)…then I forgot ALL about it! I’m SO glad to see that you didn’t forget…and that you did such a wonderful job creating this one. It is ADORABLE!!! And I still think it could be turned into a terrific little card, don’t you??? I’ll just keep coming up with ideas and you make them up, OK? hee-hee!


  2. I’m definitely going to have to do this with bug!! We’re probably going to try and do one for every season. I’m going to Walmart today so I guess I’ll be ending up in the craft section again. 🙂


    1. I was just talking to Jkwrabbit about doing them for any holiday or season. She is wanting to do one for Autumn. I am thinking about doing another for Christmas-in a sparkly white yarn if there is one. It will be a fun project for you and your daughter. I think that the foam wreaths even come in smaller sizes and your daughter could make one for her bedroom door or for a window in her room. That would be cute.


      1. That’s a great idea!! She’s love to have something she made hanging in her room. It’d make her feel so important. 🙂
        I think that the sparkly white is a great color for Christmas or even winter itself. Autumn would be more toned down hues I think. Like browns, reds and maybe some creams so it’s not too dark.


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