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Pink, Glitter nails

I have had this polish on for 2 weeks.  I wanted to post a photo last week, but didn’t get to it.  So, before I go and get my nails done today, I thought I would share what I am wearing:

I LOVE glitter polishes, but they don’t really like my nails.  I haven’t worn glitter for a while, but when my nail tech was wearing pink glitter nails 2 weeks ago, I couldn’t resist.  I wanted the paler shade of pink that she had, but it couldn’t be found.  So, we went with OPI’s Elephantastically  Pink, with Teenage Dream over it.  LOVE it!!  I had forgotten how sparkly Teenage Dream is.  I used to wear it alot, but I think that the wearing the glitter polish all the time (and letting them chip) was causing my nails to split apart in layers.  So now I only wear the thick, chunky glitter once in a while.  But I do love the sparkle.  I wonder what color I will get today???

8 thoughts on “Pink, Glitter nails

  1. Oh this is awesome!! I’m a sucker for sparkly polishes but they don’t seem to agree with my nails either. Bug can wear them with no problem and they stay on her for a good few days, even though she’s a nail biter. What color do you have on now??


    1. Right now I have on the gorgeous darker purple Magnetix from China Glaze. I can’t seem to find that color anywhere. My nail tech has it and she hasn’t been able to get another one either. It’s my favorite. When she did my nails this time I told her I wanted her purple and the my Sally Hansen magnet. I would have posted a photo, but with all of the organizing and filing I did this weekend, I pretty much ruined my manicure:o( The tips are worn but I threw a coat of top coat on yesterday anyway as I really, really love this color. I don’t know what the name of it is. I’ll have to find out and maybe order it on-line.


      1. Is it the one like I had on recently?? If it is and I find one, I picked up the last one when I got mine, I’ll be happy to send it to you.

        Mine lasted a while and my hubby made the comment of my polish lasted quite a while. And guess what….my polish started chipping that night!! Grrr!!


      2. The purple one that I am looking for is the magnetix by china glaze and it is called chemistry. It is a deeper, darker purple. I have several of the Ulta stores here, but they say the polishes are not selling well so they are not reordering. Funny, I have been trying to find that color since they came out. They always have the green and the brownish ones, but never the pretty colors that have sold out every time.


  2. Yep, I have the red-y-response. That is from the Sally Hansen line. The dark purple that I am looking for is from China Glaze and is called Chemistry. LOVE that one the best. My nail tech has it and I get her to put it on a lot when I see her. But I would love to have one in my stash for touch-ups and to use whenever I want. Thanks for looking. You are a sweetie.


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