August Peridot Fairy start

Here is my start on Mirabilia’s August Fairy:

It’s not much, but it felt so good to start a new project.  I love the colors in her wings already. Here is a closer look.

I hope to get some more stitching done on this one this weekend.  Have a great holiday weekend.  Thanks for stopping in to see what I am stitching.

7 thoughts on “August Peridot Fairy start

  1. Ginny, how do you like your scroll frame? And what brand is it? I used Q-Snaps but need to purchase a scroll for my Lavender & Lace Celtic Ladies and some of the Joan Elliotts so I can add the beads and Kreinik as I go along. And I’m really going to enjoy seeing this one come to life…it’s a great start.


    1. I don’t remember the brand, but it’s the one you can get from Joanne’s. I have used them for about 24 years. I love them, but would not bead on them as I go along. I do the beading after all the stitching is done, but I do have to scroll over the beads. I have been wanting to get new scroll frames from American Dream Products at http://www.adp-usa.com They have extender bars up to 24″ so that you don’t have to scroll over your work very much. You can see more about how to use them on Tracey’s blog at http://www.tajinaz9.blogspot.com on her side bar she has a tutorial on how to get a project started on one and even a tutorial on how to make one if you or your hubby do that kind of work. I have asked a friend’s hubby if he can see if he can make one for me when he gets the time, but haven’t heard back yet. I’m looking forward to working on this piece.


  2. Ginny, I was looking at this and realized that we have our scroll frames set up opposite of each other. Am I using mine wrong?? My fabric is on the top of my frame and yours is on the bottom. Did that make sense? For example, if I were to look at mine the way that you have yours set up I’d see the back of my project. Have I been using mine backwards??


  3. You are too funny, K. Marie. I have been known to use many things the wrong way. But I say “never wrong. Just what makes you more comfortable”. It is definitely a preference thing. I used to use mine the way you do, but then I switched one day and thought it would help keep the right side from getting dirty or dusty if I rolled it in. It’s funny that you noticed that because when I went to put this fabric on the scroll and get it ready, I had it the other way and then changed it. I don’t think that there is a right or wrong way to use it. Just whatever way you feel comfortable stitching is all that matters.


    1. Ginny, it has been years since I’ve used scroll frames but when I did, I used mine the same way as you. As you said, it just helps keep the fabric clean. But I love the way you put it…whatever way you feel comfortable…I do this all the time and I’m so glad there aren’t any XS police.


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