Kudos to the Rocking Horse!

I put my August Fairy in for framing on Monday.  Last night when I returned home from shopping, I had a message on my machine that my framing was ready!  Wow!  1 day; Amazing!  So today I went and picked her up.  Here she is:

August Fairy FramedOh my gosh, she looks amazing.  And the frame that I picked is perfect for her.  The Rocking Horse did an amazing job and so fast that my head is spinning.  Now I just have to find a box to put it in for my Mom for Christmas.  She is going to be so surprised.  Now to figure out what my next project will be…..

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August Fairy is finished and off to the Framer!

Hello.  I finally finished August Fairy this morning.  Early this morning.  I put the last bead on at 1:15 am, this morning.  This, after stitching for about 15 hours on Sunday.  Here she is:

august fairy finished

She is stitched on 16 ct Aida, Milk Chocolate.  I think she turned out beautiful and I hope that my Mom likes her.  I called the Rocking Horse on Sat. and they said that if I brought my piece in on Monday, they could frame it in time for Christmas.  So that is why I stitched until my eyes crossed all day on Sunday.  Here is a close up of her sweet face:

close up of head of August Fairy

She is a beauty.  Thank you Nora Corbett for such a beautiful design.  So off to the Rocking Horse I went to put her in for framing.  Here is the frame I chose for her:

Frame I chose for August FairyI liked the swirly pattern that matches her beaded wisps.  And there is a hint of red here and there that really brings out the beads on and around her head.  I can’t wait to get her back later this week.  Here is another look at the gorgeous frame:

close up of frame for August Fairy

I will be sure to post her once I get her back from the framer.

Did you happen to notice that it is snowing on my fairy?  Scroll up and watch a second….see it?  Isn’t that cool?  I can’t take credit for that.  WordPress allowed me to add that to my blog  for a while.  So for now it will snow on August Fairy. Thank you for stopping by my place to see what I have been up to.

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Fairy Progress and New Nails

Not much in the way of stitching, but I thought I would share my progress on August Fairy:

She has an upper body and some arms now.  I’m working on the upper wings and pretty soon she will have a face.  I am getting excited to get this finished and start the beading.  My goal is to get her done in 10 days so that I can get her to the framer.  I am hoping to meet that goal.

This morning I went to LaBella Salon  and had a quick polish change.  I think I have found my new favorite polish combination.  Here is what it looks like:

It’s OPI Black Onyx with a silver glitter called Disco Ball by Creative Nails (I think).  This will be great for all of the upcoming holidays.  LOVE IT! Thanks to Nikie and to the gal ahead of me who was flashing the same colors.

Thanks for stopping by.


My Progress on August Fairy

It’s been about a month since I last posted about August Fairy.  I’ve worked on her quite a bit and I am happy she is coming along.  I have a few other projects that I am dying to start, but I want to keep plugging away on this one.  My hope is to get her finished and framed in time to give to my Mom for Christmas.  Her birthday is in August and I think she will love this one.  So here she is so far:

I am finally getting to some other colors besides black.  She sure has a lot of black in her dress, but it is striking and love it.  It doesn’t really look like much on the computer screen, but I think I have stitched quite a bit.  I have been wandering over to a mirabilia site on Facebook and can those gals and guys stitch fast!  I wish I could have more time to stitch or stitch faster, but I am enjoying the stitching.  I just have so many projects whirling around in my head and a couple all ready to start.  But I am getting closer to that finishing point.  I like to stitch my ladies and fairies from the middle down and then the middle up.  That way when I get to the top, I can see my beautiful lady pretty much finished except for the beading.  I always do my beading last.  So, soon my lady will have a head and she will really come to life.  How do you like to stitch your ladies, or people in general? Thank you for stopping by to see what I have been up to.

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October 2nd and not too late and a Fairy update

Since my kids are not so little anymore, I kind of procrastinate when it comes to decorating or getting into the season.  Today is just October 2nd and I am on the ball!  I already have my fall wreath on the front door and yesterday I added this little stitched item to my living room:

I purchased all 12 of these cute “All Tied Up” pillow shams from Pine Mountain Designs back in 2007 and have only completed January, February, March, and October.  I would like to finish all of them this year so that I can put them out each month next year.  Then I think I will remember to put them out the first of every month instead of remembering mid-month.  The fabrics on these shams are so adorable.  Unlike any fabrics I see in Joannes.

I received my latest Round Robin piece in the mail last week and started on it over the weekend.  So August Fairy has been put aside for the time being, but here is my progress on her so far:

I am at the lower portion of her dress and she is coming along nicely.  I will pick her back up after I finish the block on Johanna’s RR which should not take too long as I have already stitched quite a bit this weekend.  Thanks for stopping by to see what I have been up to.  Happy Stitching!


Stitching along..

It’s been a couple of  weeks  since I last posted about my progress on Mirabilia’s August Fairy.  So here is where I am at:

I am really enjoying stitching on this one even though I have had many frogs visit.  The last week has been much better as my mind is more at ease.  The colors are just beautiful on this piece, but there is a lot of black.  I know it will be beautiful when it’s done and my Mom will love it.  Thanks for stopping by to see what I have been up to.  Have a great day and happy stitching.

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Very Productive Weekend

Hubby and I spent most of the weekend re-organizing.  We started in the “man-cave” where we cleaned off the book shelves and got rid of things no longer needed.  Then we ordered 2 new shelves with doors to accommodate my 54 (and growing) scrapbooks!  The shelves that they are on now are too narrow and the books hang off of the edges by several inches.  And only the 2 middle shelves of the 2 current book shelves can be used for 12 x 12 scrapbooks. We will pick up the new shelves on Thursday and hubby will have to put them together.  So then what did I organize??

I took all of my cross stitch patterns out of 2 banker boxes and made new files for my filing cabinet that has been sitting empty for a year now.  I made all the labels with my brother label maker-LOVE that thing.  Above is drawer 1. Here is drawer #2:

This drawer is full of my Mirabilia, Lavender & Lace and Joan Elliott patterns.  I even tore apart my “kitted” Mirabilia’s and added the Krenik threads and beads to my collection and just left the pattern with the fabric.  I started on the top 2 drawers for my stamping and scrapbooking, but that will be another weekend.  I still have 2 bins out in the garage full of cross stitch “stuffs”, but that is mostly bulky things like afghans, pillows, kits, towels, borders and such.  I would like to bring them inside and put them on the shelf where the bankers boxes used to be.  That too will have to wait for another weekend.  It was fun looking through all of my patterns and seeing what I have that I had forgotten about.  The only draw-back…I want to start a ton of new things!  I did get a little stitching time in this weekend and worked on Erin’s RR.  Just started putting the beads on and I will post that when I am finished.  I also added a few stitches to August Fairy and here is what she looks like now:

I know, not a lot added.  I really love the colors.

I will add another post in a bit and show you what hubby made for me over the weekend!


August Peridot Fairy start

Here is my start on Mirabilia’s August Fairy:

It’s not much, but it felt so good to start a new project.  I love the colors in her wings already. Here is a closer look.

I hope to get some more stitching done on this one this weekend.  Have a great holiday weekend.  Thanks for stopping in to see what I am stitching.


Itching To Start Something New

I finally got the call that my order for Mirabilia’s August Fairy was in yesterday.  So guess what I did today? Yep, jumped in the car this morning and drove the 45 minutes to my LNS.  Here is what I picked up:

I decided to stitch her on the suggested Milk Chocolate, but in 16ct Aida.  I have been wanting to start something new for some time now and when this fairy came out, I knew it had to be my next project.  I am going to stitch it for my Mom whose birthday is in August.  I also picked up the white 20ct Lugana fabrics for my Seasonal Banners .  I don’t know if you can see in the photo, but I have already stitched around the edges of my fabrics and the Milk Chocolate is already on a scroll frame ready to be stitched on tonight.  I am working on RR, but I will put it down tonight to get a start on August Peridot Fairy.  As my title says, I have been itching to start a new project and tonight is the night.  I will show my start tomorrow.  Happy stitching!