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Fairy Progress and New Nails

Not much in the way of stitching, but I thought I would share my progress on August Fairy:

She has an upper body and some arms now.  I’m working on the upper wings and pretty soon she will have a face.  I am getting excited to get this finished and start the beading.  My goal is to get her done in 10 days so that I can get her to the framer.  I am hoping to meet that goal.

This morning I went to LaBella Salon  and had a quick polish change.  I think I have found my new favorite polish combination.  Here is what it looks like:

It’s OPI Black Onyx with a silver glitter called Disco Ball by Creative Nails (I think).  This will be great for all of the upcoming holidays.  LOVE IT! Thanks to Nikie and to the gal ahead of me who was flashing the same colors.

Thanks for stopping by.

13 thoughts on “Fairy Progress and New Nails

  1. Wow Ginny, you are just flying on August Fairy. You will have her done in no time.
    Love the glittery nails. You are very brave with the black polish. I haven’t gone that dark yet!


    1. Thanks. I don’t think I have done black polish in about 20 years. I do like the darker colors, but haven’t gone back to black until now. The silver polish does tone it down quite a bit. It’s gorgeous.


    1. Thanks, Karen. I keep trying to sit and stitch, but things keep popping up and taking my attention away. Maybe I should try to pull some all nighters?? Hehe


    1. Thanks Amanda. Your nails are awesome today! Anyone reading this post want to check out some awesome hand painted nails, just click on Amanda’s name above. She did the cutest nails for winter. And go vote for her.


    1. Thank you. I’ve had long nails since I was a teen. They have really never been an issue with my stitching. Thank goodness. Not sure which one I would get rid of :oD


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