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Nail Polish Shelf

Look what my wonderful Hubby and youngest son made me over the weekend:

Isn’t it awesome?  I was quite smitten with K. Marie’s shelf after seeing it on her blog a few month’s back.  Ever since, I have been looking at thrift stores and garage sales for the “perfect shelf”.  About a month ago I went looking on the internet and came across a blog that showed how to create one out of foam core board.  I told hubby and my son about it and he whipped it up on his Ipod to show dad.  This last weekend they went out to Joanne fabrics and picked up the materials for about $15 and it took them about 1 1/2 hours from start to finish.  I honestly did not think that I had enough nail polish to fill the entire shelf, but as you can see, it’s pretty much full.  I have one empty spot in the bottom left shelf to add a new OPI  from the German line. Still not sure which one I want to purchase first…

So I went from this, plus my many favorites from the top of my dresser:

To this:

Love it!  Hubby says it’s full so I can’t buy any more polish.  What??  I think that there may be a few summer colors I can put away some where in order to make room for some new fall and winter colors.  Hehe.

11 thoughts on “Nail Polish Shelf

  1. I know! I didn’t think I had that much either…well, I knew I had a lot, just didn’t think I would fill up the shelf as soon as it was made, Ha! My youngest called me from the fabric store and asked if he could pick out the duct tape. I said ok and he came home with Mustache duct tape! At first I didn’t know what to think, but it grew on me real quick.


  2. This is awesome, I love it!! I wish my hubby would make me one. 😦 I’ve run out of space on my other one and he says I don’t need any more polishes because I have nowhere to put them. Need? No. But want is a different story. Hehe.

    It’s amazing how many polishes you have when they are all put together on the shelf. I didn’t think I’d have enough polishes to fill mine up but it filled up quicker than I thought. Now I have to have my top coats and base coats sitting on the top because I have nowhere to fit them!!


    1. I hear you! Hubby says I don’t need any more…It is definitely a want. In the original design that they built the shelf from, I think that there is one less shelf?? Hubby didn’t want to cut the back piece down. Good for me as I would have had over-flow. I’m already thinking about my 2nd one, but don’t have a place to hang another one :o(


      1. That’s a stroke of luck that it wasn’t made any smaller!! But, then again, you could’ve used that excuse to tell your hubby that you needed another one to fit the rest of your polishes in, and maybe a few more. 🙂


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