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Isn’t it Lovely?

Kathy just finished stitching on my Round Robin and posted this photo:

Isn’t it just beautiful?  I am so geeked about my first Round Robin.  One more block to be stitched by Linda and then she will be on her way home to me.  I can’t wait to see it in person.  I sent it off in January 2012 to be stitched by 7 wonderful stitchers from around the world and it should be returning to me around November.  I just melt every time I look at it.  I know that it is sparkly and shimmery with all the metallic threads and beading.  Everyone has done an awesome job stitching on this one for me.  And I know that Linda will do an awesome job on the last fairy too and can’t wait to see her contribution .  I will be sure to post here when I get it back .

14 thoughts on “Isn’t it Lovely?

  1. This is gorgeous!! How in the world do you start a RR? I think it’d be awesome to have something stitched up that has a bit of something from different pieces of the world. 🙂


    1. Awwwww. You are a sweetie. I enjoyed working on your piece, too. Once my eyes adjusted from that blasted snowman on 14 ct to yours, I was fine and it was a breeze to stitch. I had fun Round Robining and think I am addicted :o) I would love to stitch with you again. Big Hugs to you.


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