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Marbek Nativity

While re-organizing my cross stitch patterns and going through bins of “stash” last weekend, I came across this:

This is the left panel of a 5 panel nativity scene that I started back in 1993.  WOW!  I remember that I had to do this piece twice.  I chose some fabric to do this shepherd boy on and when I went back to get more fabric for the next piece, that fabric had been discontinued.  WHAT??  So I purchased all of the fabric for all 5 panels, all of the krenik threads and specialty threads all at once.  And here it is 18 years later and I still don’t have all of it finished.  I do have 2 other panels finished:

I loved stitching this one.  All of those different threads.  And just look at those little tassels!  So cute!  And this next piece I finished about 3 years ago:

This is a nice colorful piece and I love the angel.  I just hope that when I get it finished (and I will get it finished) that the special frame kit will still be available.  When I finished the angel piece above, I was told at my LNS that she could still get the frame kit.  Another project on my long list of projects to finish.

16 thoughts on “Marbek Nativity

    1. Awwww. Thank you. Yep, it is just like the one in your avitar! I have been hoping to dig mine out ever since I first saw your avitar. I know I have asked you before, but are you planning on completing the set?


  1. I just found this post 🙂 I have been working on mine for 13+ years — it is a big one — but yes I also love the camel – and I had to do the left panel like 3 times because that dang tree had too many empty spots for leaves effect 😀 but I now have 4 panels done and am working on the center and last panel – I knew if I started there that would be it LOL I have the center star and two angels done in the center and working on the Holy family now — I really do want to finish it this year before Christmas 🙂 Have you done any more on this one since your post?


    1. That is great Debbie. Sounds like you are on your way to a finish. I have not stitched anything on this in such a long time. But it is on my list of things to get finished. I’d love to see yours.


    2. Debbie, I have not done any more stitching on this piece. I am so happy to hear that you have been working on yours and are on the last panel. You have to feel a great sense of accomplishment to get this far on it. I am routing for you to get it finished this year. I have so many projects I want to get finished, that I am afraid this one is not going to get done this year either. But seeing your post may just lead me to get it out and work a bit on it very soon.


    1. That is a good question, Lisa. That would be awesome to do all on one piece. You do have to share if you decide to do it. I would love to see. I have still not done any more stitching on mine, but I have been getting others done. Thank you for stopping by and commenting 🙂


  2. I know this is an old thread but I just wanted to jump in and say that I know folks that have completed this. I’m currently working on the shepherd and it’s going very fast. After that I only have the camel left. I started in the middle and then moved out. The first three panels are all framed and hanging in my living room.


    1. Susan – we have completed the whole project – it took many, many years. We did not order the kit frame, but are framing it. Our framer is wondering what the measurements are around the top part of the frame. I am unable to find anything on the net.. Are you willing to share your measurements on the frames you have completed? Thank you.


      1. Ok, I hope this helps and I’m including my email if you want to ask more questions. On the center panel the across the top, measuring on the outside of the frame, it was 9 3/8”. Then the angled edge is 7”. I don’t know the degree of angle. The sides from the angle is 23.5”. Across the bottom is 19 3/8”. Sew pie @ Aol dot com. No spaces.


  3. I would love to see a picture of anyone’s completed project. I am going to attempt to complete the ones that my mother started a few years back.


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