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Another Round Robin Finish

It’s been a crazy, busy with a whole lot of nothing the last couple of weeks.  But somehow I managed to finish stitching on Kaye’s Round Robin:

JE Spring Fairy on Kayes RRThis is Joan Elliott’s Spring Fairy.  She turned out to be a sweet stitch.  She does have quite a bit of confetti stitching in her hair, but it was not so bad.  I usually don’t like to stitch on anything but Aida, and especially linen.  But Kaye’s fabric was such a breeze to stitch on.  It’s coming along nicely and will be a lovely fairy piece when finished.  Here is what the entire project looks like so far.

Kay's JE RRJust lovely.  Can’t wait to see it finished. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

16 thoughts on “Another Round Robin Finish

  1. She’s adorable, Ginny! I almost picked this one myself to stitch on Kaye’s piece. I’m glad you stitched her.

    I think Nora puts a whole lot more confetti in her hair than Joan does. On the fairy I stitched here, there were only two colors used in the hair.

    Well done!


    1. Thank you, Christine. She was a pretty easy stitch. And the Linen was so different than anything I have stitched on. No problems with it 🙂


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