I Remember. I Will Always Remember.

911 flag on firetruck 3

I sat here this morning, remembering where I was 12 years ago today.  I remember it like yesterday.  The tv was on, and I was getting ready to take my youngest son to kindergarten.  When I walked into the living room, the news was showing the first pictures of the plane that hit the World Trade center.  I remember thinking “I wonder what happened to the plane or to the pilot that it had flown into a building?”  I drove my son to school, just down the street and headed to the post office.  It was all over the radio and everyone was talking about it at the post office.  I don’t think we even knew at that point what was really going on.  I went home and was glued to the tv, just stunned at what was happening.  I was so saddened by what I was seeing on the screen and just felt so sick to my stomach.  I wanted my children home, but I didn’t want to alarm them.  When it came time to pick them up, I remember just hugging them for the longest time.  My oldest was 10 and he could kind of understand what was going on, as much as any of us could try to understand.  He was saddened, too.  It was such a tragedy.  A senseless act of violence.  I felt so sad for all of  those families directly affected.   And I felt sad and then angered at the violence taken towards my country.  I will never forget this day and all of the heroes of that day.  All of the firemen, police and citizens that did everything they could to help those in trouble. To this day, my heart still skips a beat when a plane flies overhead.  I don’t think that will ever go away.  And I am always aware of my surroundings, especially in a large crowd.  It was a day that changed my life forever and forever changed the world.

The photos I am posting today were taken at my local fire department.  They have hung this flag on the end of the ladder every year since 2001.  It puts a lump in my throat and gives me chills every time I see it each year.  It also makes me proud of my community, fireman, policeman, and very proud to be an American.  Thank you to all the heroes of 9-11.  I will never forget ❤

911 flag on firetruck 2911 flag on firetruck 1911 flag on firetruck 4


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