Geisha · Joan Elliott Round Robin

Gorgeous Geisha!

I finished stitching Eastern Promise for Julie’s Round Robin.  Here she is:

Eastern Promise Geisha

This photo really does not do it justice.  I just can’t seem to photograph my stitching very well lately.  Anyway, she turned out beautifully!  I love the colors.  I wasn’t sure about the orange background at first, but I do love it.  I have this Geisha to be stitched on my Round Robin as well, so I am glad to see that the orange color is not really a bad color after all.  Here is Julie’s Round Robin so far:

Julies RRIt is going to be sooooo beautiful when it is finished.  What are you stitching on today?

17 thoughts on “Gorgeous Geisha!

  1. Ginny, what a wonderful job you did. This will be stunning when it completed. And as for me, I’m working on another ‘people’ project…the miniature Hannah designed by John Clayton. Have a great day!


    1. Thank you, Sue. It is going to be so beautiful and colorful when finished. I can’t wait to see it completed. I do remember seeing the hat started on your Hannah design. I will keep checking back to see it come to life.


  2. You work is exemplary! This may be my fav RR patterned piece. Love the gold on the end-love them all. Should order the pattern-love it so much!!


  3. Gorgeous Geisha, you weren’t kidding. Absolutely beautiful work, even if the photo doesn’t quite pick it up, as you say. Wonderful work, I love seeing your progress.

    Today, I’m working on a little Halloween Owl card from the World of Cross Stitching Magazine. Should be a quick stitch if I can commit a big chunk of time to it. Then I’m contemplating a new start, but we’ll see. DBF might not be too pleased.

    Jessie from Jessie Stitches


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