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Pink Princess, My New Start


Another new start.  Yep. I received the awesome piece of fabric in the mail on Saturday evening.  It is the March Fabric Of  The Month at Hand Dyed Fabrics by Stephanie.  It is called Tintagel and it is my most favorite piece of hand dyed fabric!  Mine is in 16ct Aida.  I am usually not drawn to green, but this is heavenly with just a smidge of pink and blue here and there.  As soon as I received it, I scanned it into my computer and started playing in The Viewer.  Hubby said I have to stitch a woodsy fairy on it.  So I searched fairy and it brought up all the designs with fairy.  Most did not look good on this fabric.  Then when I put Passione Ricamo’s Dawn, the Fairy of Grace on it, BAM!  That is the one!!  Hubby said that without the wings she would look like a princess, so of course I knew for sure it’s the one I have to do.  He took off her wings and showed me this:

Dawn the Fairy Spirt of Grace Without Wings on Stephanies Tintagel

I am in LOVE!  This is the sweetest!  I call her my Pink Princess. So I gathered all of my things and started her on Tuesday night.  I love stitching on this one.  Since I finished all the hair on the Mystery Stitch Along, I will stitch on this one until the next section of the SAL comes out.

What project have you been over the moon in love with?

12 thoughts on “Pink Princess, My New Start

  1. I’ve not been sewing anything for a while, I’m all about the knitting at the minute – Easter bunnies!


  2. I really love this one and think the princess conversion is a winner! I haven’t been in love with a project in a while — probably Autumn Fairy was the last one.


  3. Thanks, Johanna. You need to get that model done so you can get back to your Autumn Fairy. I know how excited you were when you started her. Can’t wait to see her come back out again,


    1. Thank you Angela. I am already addicted to it and don’t want to put it down. But I have received the next 2 sections of the SAL, so I will have to put it down so I can keep up. It will be hard to put it away.


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