Time To Rotate Projects


This is my progress on my Pink Princess. Otherwise known as Dawn, The Fairy of Grace by Passione Ricamo.  It was really hard to put her down.  I love the colors and the fabric is so awesome.  It’s16ct Aida Tintagel by Stephanie.  I love it so much I ordered more of it for a future project.  But I received sections 13 and 14 for the Mermaid SAL#4 and I don’t want to get behind.  So I have been working on mermaid tail this week.  Not much to show today, but I will give an update next week.

I also received the fabric and thread kit for my very first Chatelaine Design this week. It’s all for Flower Fairy Garden.

WIN_20150408_175735 (2)

This package was everything everyone said it would be-Beautiful, like a Christmas present, perfectly wrapped.  It really is all in the presentation.  I didn’t want to open it. I did eventually open it to double check that everything was there.  And I had to fondle all the silk threads.  It’s going to be so wonderful stitching with them. It also includes Delica beads that late faceted so they will be very sparkly. The fabric is 28ct Cashel. Not sure how that is going to work out, but because of the many specialty stitches in this design, Aida just won’t work.  I am very tempted to start it, but I am at least trying to wait until after my surgery next week.  I am thinking about trying out some Q-snaps with this project.  I am having my gallbladder removed, so resting my scroll frames on my stomach will not be comfortable for a while. So this will be the perfect project and time to try out Q-snaps.  I don’t have a picture of the finished product on my Surface, so I will have to add that in my next post along with an update of the Mystery Mermaid.

So what do you use to hold your fabric, Q-snaps. Scroll fames, hoop

20 thoughts on “Time To Rotate Projects

    1. Thanks, Marsha. It was very hard to put her away, but the Mermaid is calling and the next section has a beautiful mermaid tail!!! I will post pics soon.


    1. I remember going to try the Q-snaps a long time ago, but I was so afraid to snap on the really tight clamp. But now I have learned that people use felt between the fabric and the clamp, so I am still planning on giving them a try. Wish me luck 🙂


  1. Hello. Your little parcel of stitchy treats looks very exciting :-). I generally just roll the sides of my project up to stitch or i use a 6″ Q snap as i find this easier to hold. I also have a 9″ Q snap i use sometimes too xx


    1. So, you stitch in hand, Bee? I definitely think that takes some talent. I need to have my fabric really taught or it drives me nuts. Though I am learning to stitch with it not so tight as I sometimes distort my fabric when pulling so tight.


      1. Hi Ginny, it usually works for me except for one project (thats been put to one side). I found the fabric distorting because the design used alot of half stitches and various thicknesses of thread. will definately have to use a frame to complete this one . Bee x


  2. That is a lovely package! Oh, a new start is so exciting. I prefer qsnaps if the piece is small enough to keep the entire area inside the frame. Otherwise, I use a scroll.


  3. Your Pink Princess is looking so great on Tintagel. Can’t wait to get mine. I do my Chatelaines on an 8″ Q-snap. That’s what I use for every project. Your package of goodies looks good enough to eat!


    1. Thanks, Johanna. I hope you love your Tintagel as much as I do mine. I still have to dig my Q-snaps out today. I don’t even know what size I have! I had better get planning. That package was so awesome! I can’t wait to start my very first Chatelaine. Thanks to you 😉


  4. Love The package you received.. Really very pretty looking.. 💝
    And I think i’m really lazy when it comes to using hoops or frames.. I love using hoop rather than q-snap


  5. Wow! The Fairy Flower Garden looks so delicate! Well done for biting the bullet with a Chat (I have been lurking for yonks, and selected Watergarden in my head but not followed through yet). Looking forward to seeing your progress. I hope your operation goes well and you recover quickly. Much love!


    1. Thank you, Christine. Surgery went well and I am recovering. I haven’t started my Chat yet, but I am getting anxious. Did try putting the fabric on the qsnaps, but they are not going to work for me. I may have to purchase another large scroll frame. So for now, it waits 🙂 I didn’t think I would ever do a Chat, but a wonderful stitchy friend enabled me by sending me the picture of Fairy Flower Garden and I just couldn’t pass up the beautiful fairies and the pastel colors. I will definitely post my start and progress.


      1. Hi Ginny – I am glad the surgery went well and wish you a speedy recovery. I can’t comment on QSnaps as I went straight from hoops to frames and have never looked back (I found it hard to hold the sewing in one hand and much prefer to use a stand, which is easy with a frame). Horses for courses I guess. I hope your frame arrives quickly as I am looking forward to your Chat updates as and when you start!


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