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What a Tail!


Section 14 is finished!  And just look at that mermaid tail!  Wow!  Just gorgeous.  I have just started section 15, and I am hoping to get it finished before section 16 comes out on May 23rd.  That section will finally reveal her face!  So excited!

So what are you up to on this Monday?

16 thoughts on “What a Tail!

  1. That is sure one big purple tail! I am excited to see her face too! I have just finished up a huge model and can’t wait to dig into some personal stitching.


    1. It is a huge purple tail, isn’t it? This one has really been a mystery but the big reveal is getting closer! I can’t wait to see what project you pick up, Johanna, now that your big model stitch is finished.


    1. Thanks Fawn. I think I have 10 mermaids stitched and hanging all over my house :). This one and one other one are in the works, and I have patterns for many more. Can you tell I love them??


    1. Karen, I think that Laura will make this one available for purchase when the SAL is over. The last section comes out in 2 weeks! So maybe not too much longer to wait. And I hear that SAL #5 will be coming out soon. Wonder what that one will be. I will probably purchase it, but not sure I will SAL as I have other things I want to do. But I would hate to miss out if it is a mermaid or a fairy 😉


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