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What I Was Up To When August Flew By

Hello friends!  Are you feeling like me and wondering where in the heck August went?  I blinked and it was over, sigh. I did get to stitch, but first let me show you Aphrodite, back from the framer:

IMG_2152 (2)

IMG_2150 (2)

She turned out so beautiful. She is Mirabilia’s Aphrodite and I stitched her on 16ct Aida Kaleidoscope from Hand Dyed Fabrics by Stephanie.   Sorry about the light spot on the first photo, but it does show the frame better.  But don’t like the frame too much.  When picking this piece up, I was informed that the frame has been discontinued.  Too bad, as I really like it.  I tend to pick the same frames over and over,  without realizing it.  I guess I won’t be picking this frame again.  I haven’t hung her on the wall yet, but I think I have a spot for her.

After I finished Aphrodite, I pulled out Passione Ricamo’s A Journey Into the Deep.  I worked on it until August 21, 2016, which is when I couldn’t resist a new start any longer.  (No pictures of A Journey, sorry) I started Nora Corbett’s Iris Pixie.  Here she is after about a week of stitching:

IMG_2182 (2)

Lots of browns and golds on this one.  I am hoping to finish her before I get so bored with these colors.  Can you see a bit of a leg on the right of the design?  I am happily moving over to the right side of her dress. She will be a beauty when I finish her.  And hopefully I can finish before I get the urge for a new start.  Passione Ricamo just came out with her new design “Guiding Fairy”, which I have already purchased and have fabric on the way.

Speaking of fabric…I know, I know, I am addicted.  Here are my recent purchases from Fantasy Dyed Fabrics:

IMG_2186 (2)

All are 16ct Aida and all of them except the top right one are small cuts for pixies or witches.  The top right is my chosen fabric for Mirabilia’s Rapunzel.  Another one I can’t wait to start 😉  Did you see those cute tags, attached with a button, hand-stitched to the fabric?  How sweet is that? Johanna is doing an amazing job at dying beautiful fabrics.  If you haven’t visited her facebook page, do so by clicking here. She only sells one of a kinds, so what you see is what you get.

Another fabric I received this week is Tropical from Hand Dyed Fabrics by Stephanie.

IMG_2185 (2)

This is 16ct Aida and is the August Fabric of the Month.  Don’t worry; if you love it, she will probably add it to her website soon so that you can order it. I just love the colors.  Maybe because they remind me of summer and I am trying to hang onto the last little bit.  Some day, a very special design will find it’s way to this fabric.

And last week, this little fellow came to visit:

IMG_2179 (2)

The first hummingbird I have seen at my house this summer.  It was during the rain and he fed from every remaining flower on all 3 of my hanging plants.  So he was here for quite a while and actually visited 4 times that day.  He even flew over to my sliding glass doors where me and a friend were standing, watching him.  He hovered in front of us, as if to say hello and went back to eating the sweet nectar.  I haven’t seen him since.  But I was able to get some pretty good photos for my scrapbook 🙂

So what have you been up to during that speedy month of August?

19 thoughts on “What I Was Up To When August Flew By

  1. I followed the Rapunzel link and she’s absolutely gorgeous! I’m immediately reminded of my daughter who’s so in love with her hair XD Can’t wait for you to stitch her. Aphrodite is absolutely lovely ❤


  2. Indeed, where has August gone? Or the year? It is September already, and of course, Spring here in SA in the south. Time and the year seems to be flying to fast.
    Well done on the stitching, I love the new project. The colours are pretty, and I love the purple shades.
    Aphrodite is of course simply stunning, and I love the blues.
    How cute is the hummingbird. 🙂 I dont get those at my house, but I love to watch the ones that visit and come for a snack.
    Enjoy the weekend and September.


    1. You are so right, Joey. The entire year is just flying by so fast! I haven’t accomplished nearly what I wanted to this year. Fall is coming here in Michigan, USA, and while it is my most favorite season, I am sorry to see summer coming to an end. I feel like I didn’t do enough and enjoy it enough. I want a do over, or at least an extension. I shall enjoy the rest of the summer days that are left. Thank you for you kind words about my projects. I do appreciate them love hearing them 😉 Especially coming from such a talented person as yourself. Enjoy your Spring and each day 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Indeed, this year is flying by.
        Lol. I know the feeling. I always do so much more during winter, as I tend to spend much more time indoors. I feel I have not done enough, or at least, it feels like it. 🙂
        Spring is starting here, although it feels a lot more like summer. The days are pretty warm already. I do still craft during summer, but it feels like I knit a lot less, and not winter items at all. Our summers we always seem to be out and about. To much sunshine I guess! 😉
        Enjoy your Fall, I love Fall, and your colours in Fall is stunning.
        🙂 Take care and enjoy. xx


  3. Aphrodite is beautiful!
    She’s perfect on that fabric.
    iris is turning out to be beautiful also.
    Great Fabric stash!
    Can’t wait to see Rapunzel.
    Yes, August did fly by, going to fairs and such.
    I don’t think I was home for 1 weekend in August!


  4. Thank you, Marilyn, for all the sweet things you said about my projects and my stash 😉 I do hope that Rapunzel will be in the rotation some day, but first I need to get the pattern and supplies! Can you believe that I have fabric for her, but don’t even have the pattern yet? Well, I guess I always have the fabric for something with my large stash, LOL. Sounds like you were quite busy in August. I do hope you enjoyed all of your outings. And hopefully September will go just a bit slower for all of us.


  5. Just gorgeous stitching, as ever, and the blues on Aphrodite are fabulous. I followed your link to Guiding Fairy, which is just stunning and I am looking forward to seeing your work on her. Also, what a sweet hummingbird!


    1. Thank you, Christine. I am quite pleased with Aphrodite. She is a very different mermaid than what I have stitched before and I love her. The Guiding Fairy is a beauty. The fabric I purchased for her has seemed to be missing at the moment, but the post office is on search for it and hopefully it will be back in the system and on the way to me very soon. The hummingbird was amazing. It was so great to see him.

      Liked by 1 person

  6. I am so behind on my blog reading, but it is always fun to catch up!! Your finish is gorgeous and that frame is perfect for it. I love the little pearls on her.

    Those fabrics are so pretty. You always tempt me with all of those hand-dyed.

    What a great pic of the hummingbird!


    1. Aphrodite did turn out beautifully. I hung her on the wall myself this week 😉 You know I have a little bit of a hand dyed fabric addiction. I applaud you for resisting the temptaion 😉 Seeing that hummingbird that day was so amazing. I still look for him everyday whenever I pass my kitchen window, but haven’t seen him since. I was so lucky to get the photos I did and will remember it always ❤


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