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My Wednesday WIP Update

Happy Wednesday, my blogging friends!  Since I took some pictures and added them to facebook, I thought I would update my little ole blog while I am still on the computer.  So, here is my progress on Nora Corbett’s Iris:


She is really starting to come to life and looking so amazing on that fabric.  It is a one of a kind from Fantasy Dyed Fabrics and is 16ct Aida.  Just loving her so far and amazingly not so tired of the gold yet 😉

Today I finished reading this:


It took me a long time, but I must say it was a really good read.  It is actually 3 books in one and I don’t take a lot of time to read.  Mostly during my lunch hour when I can or when I am at the salon getting my hair done or waiting to get an oil change.  This is isn’t my usual type of read.  It was suggested by my husband who knew I would like it.  And once I could get past the boring battle stuff and the sometimes boring details from the author, it was a great read.  I really dragged out the last 30 pages or so as I really didn’t want it to end.  So if you like those books about knights, squires, paladins, elves, dwarfs and kingdoms and many battles, then  I do recommend this book.

So what are you up to this fine September day?

20 thoughts on “My Wednesday WIP Update

  1. Such a beauty! When you first mentioned this book on your blog, I tried to check it out at the local library. Unfortunately I was unable to get this one, but was able to get Oath of Fealty. Today I picked up the fifth and perhaps last in the set to start from the library as it was not available to read on my Kindle through the library. I have enjoyed it but prefer it digitally so that I can knit while I read. Thanks for sharing it as a possibility as I have really enjoyed each book.


    1. I am so glad you were able to get the books on your Kindle. I am not sure which 3 books are included in the one that I read. I asked hubby about it and he said I read the 3 books that are about Paksenarrion. I’m happy with that. I probably won’t read the other 2, not even sure which 2 they are. Anyway, I enjoyed reading about Paks and am glad I was able to pass on a very enjoyable series to you.

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      1. These are not so much about Paksenarrion but more about Kieri as King, and the new Duke of Vekarria (sp?) and the last two in this set of 5 are about the return of some magery as well as a set of royal regalia that is missing one piece–currently in the hands of the Duke of Immer who used to be a pirate and brigand. It has been interesting seeing where she takes her characters. I probably need to go back and read the three that are incorporated into the book you read, but will have to wait just a bit. Crafting and end of gardening as well as homeschool come first. 🙂


      2. I thought about going back and reading the ones I missed, but hubby knows that it is not my typical type of read, but he did think that I would enjoy the adventures of Paks. And I did enjoy it. Not sure if I would go back and read the others. Maybe. Elizabeth Moon is a very descriptive writer, sometimes too much it seemed to me. I got rather bored reading all of the details of the forts and weapons and training and such. But I am happy I read it, even though it took me probably took me 6 months to read. Literally.

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  2. That is a LOT of progress already, so beautiful. I really like the golden thread, it is perfect for the fabric, and I can see she is going to be just as gorgeous. Lovely to see her develop on the fabric.
    Great read. I read way to little these days. 🙂
    Have a great weekend and happy crafting.


    1. Thank you, Joey. I have been working pretty steady on her. I hope to keep up the pace and get her done in the next couple of weeks. I really want to see her finished on the fabric I chose for her. I am happy to finally be done the lengthy book, though I did drag out the last little bit and didn’t want it to end. Though I love to read, I don’t get to do it very often. Usually during my lunch time. Besides, stitching is way more fun 😉 I hope you have a fun weekend, crafting 🙂

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  3. Wow! Your stitching is looking so good. I am always impressed with how much progress you make. It’s always fun to find a book that you don’t want to end!!


  4. I love the hand-dyed fabric that you’ve chosen for this Project.. and I like that bookmark you’ve used during our reading.. looks very vintage. 😉 I wish you well in September… 😉


  5. Hi Ginny, I stumbled across your blog when I was looking for a resource for hand dyed fabrics. I am having a negative experience with Silkweavers, so I ordered this week from Stephanie’s Hand Dyed Fabrics. Fingers crossed. I am returning to cross stitch after a long break, it has been therapeutic for me since I recently lost my mom. I am wondering if you might be able to give me some advice on the roller frames you use. I have used the snap frames, but now that I am going to be using a hand dyed piece of linen, I want to keep it pristine. Can you recommend a good, small set of rolling frames? Thanks so much!


    1. Hi Heidi. Thank you for visiting my little ole’ blog 🙂 Ordering hand dyed fabric can be such an experience. That is why I am a collector of fabric 😉 It’s easier for me to pick fabric that I have in my stash, rather than get what I want when I order. Stephanie’s fabrics are beautiful and I have many. Fantasy Dyed Fabrics is another one of my very favorites. You can’t order from her, but she dyes fabrics and sells them on her facebook page and Etsy. They are one of a kinds, so what you see is what you get and they ship right away. I have not been disappointed with her. The scroll frames I use I purchased many years ago. I find the ones at Joann’s are rather poorly made, so I really can’t recommend a company to get them from. I did notice a smaller one there that looked like it was made well. I think that maybe Herchners sells them, but I haven’t purchased them from there. Good luck with all of your searching and I do hope that you find what you are looking for and are on your way to stitching again soon. So sorry to hear you lost your Mom. Stitching can be a great comfort. (((Hugs)))


      1. Thank you, Ginny for taking the time to reply. I will start doing some more research on frames and let you know what I find out. I am doing Nora Corbett’s Golden Butterfly right now, a mini one while I wait for my fabric, August 7th and counting…….I am doing The Emerald Dragonfly for my mom. I have added your blog to my feed, so I can keep tabs. I have already added myself to the Fantasy Fabrics Facebook page and I am watching for some pretty opalescent fabrics.


  6. Heidi, I would love to hear about your research on scroll frames. I have a few that really need replacing as they are old and the they just don’t tighten like they used to. Hopefully you will receive your fabric soon. I know the wait can be hard sometimes 😉 Keep watching the Fantasy Dyed Fabrics page. She usually posts new fabrics a couple of times a week and they go pretty quickly. I hope that you are able to nab a few as you will be quite pleased with them. I snagged another 3 this morning. What can I say? I am addicted, LOL Good luck with the search. And thank you for adding my to your blog feed.


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